Ian Burchnall doesn't care what team he plays against

Last updated : 26 August 2021 By Magpie Mick

"It's a new season," he added. "And I'm ready to go."

"Whether that's Torquay (on Saturday) or Wrexham on Monday night, we'll do our best to try and win the game.

"For me, it doesn't matter who we play, I have the same mindset, just happy to attack the games, really."

When asked if the players felt the same as he does, he said "Maybe, I mean, you have certain games that you remember the following year, and there can be that element that goes into it, and it wasn't that long ago.

"But at the same time, they've got a lot of new players, and we've got a lot of new players, so there is a shift of that dynamic anyway."