Ian Burchnall clears up rumours of his links with Peterborough United

Last updated : 24 February 2022 By Magpie Mick

"That's the first I've heard about it but save your money," joked Burchnall.

"I don't pay it too much attention, but if that's a link that's there, it's presumably because people think that something you're doing there is good and it is correct.

"I just work hard every day, enjoy my work and do my best. That's all I do. And then if I end up on the bookies' odds, then that's probably good for the bookies."

"The most important thing is that the owners here think I do a good job and that the players like the work that I do, and the staff do too.

"Of course, it's nice if people think that you're doing a good job, and the work that you're doing is recognised - that's always great.

"But the most important people are those closest around the club and that they think that. Hopefully, they do."