Fullarton not expecting easy game at York City

Speaking about McNamara, Fullarton said “It’s a very small world I know him and his assistant, Simon Donnelly, very well.

“We played against each other too. He is a tough competitor but our personalities are different.

“He is at the stage where over a period of time he has begun to impose his ideas and his personality.

“He is stamping his authority on the team and will no doubt hope he can continue to get results.

“They are at that stage now where people presume the teams at the bottom set out not to lose rather than be offensive,

“If they can nick a win or steal a point, then people say ‘well it goes on to their total’, that’s true to an extent but I don’t think Jackie will approach it like that.

“They will want to come out and win and maybe that will be good from the fans’ point of view because it will be two teams trying to win.”