Fresh Blood Desparately Needed

Last updated : 05 February 2003 By
Ramsden - Injured
Richard Holmes and on loan Sunderland defender Simon Ramsden both had to be withdrawn from the match due to injury and both could miss Saturdays match.

With Marcel Cas' departure yesterday, Dearden should be able to have some money saved on Cas' wages to juggle with and bring in one or two loan players.

The injury list is as follows -
Stuart Garden
Richard Holmes
Simon Ramsden
Tony Hackworth
Danny Stone
Ian Richardson
Michael Brough

Billy Dearden - Desparate For New Signings
"We are desperate to bring somebody in and hopefully I can sort something out before Saturday,"
Dearden told the Evening Post.

"I don't know which position we are talking about yet, it depends on the situation with our injured lads today, to be honest.

"We will have to look at which areas we are short in, though that is virtually everywhere.

"It may be a case of us going cap in hand to the Football League for permission to bring somebody in, but if that is what it requires, so be it."