Finnity on takeover latest.

The clock is still ticking, Finnity
Paul Finnity was once again quick to reassure Notts fans that the situation is in hand with regards to the takeover of the club, insisting that: "It is going to take a major problem to stop this takeover from going through."

Although Finnity confesses that there would be no doubts that Notts would have had their league status removed had the Magpies failed to come out of administration by December 9. However, he remains convinced that the Magpies will be saved.

"As long as there are no unexpected hurdles on the horizon, things should run smoothly from this point onwards," said Finnity in an interview with Nottingham’s Evening Post.

And, although the last thing I want to do is tempt fate, I can't see any reason why there should be a problem.”

I understand why people are nervous after the last few years. But they can take solace from the fact that these people are all

Notts County fans.”

The administrator also claimed that in Tuesday’s meeting with the board of League directors, no surprises arose.

"They just wanted to leave us in no doubt there would be no more chances.

"They didn't want me to go back there in a month's time and say 'I'm sorry, I didn't realise this would happen.

"I understand that they wanted to get that point across to us face to face, rather than just in writing - and they did.

"But that doesn't change the fact that we are still confident that things will be resolved."

But despite constant reassurances a stone-wall date for the takeover is still yet to be arranged by Finnity and the Blenheim consortium.

"The new business plans the consortium have in place begin on December 1," he said. "They were originally set to begin in October, but have been amended."

So, for some this may offer a small consolation but for most, as it has for me, it still seems a mystery as to how a deadline is still yet to be settled and they hope to leave it within 9 days of the cut-off point before they decide to finalise the deal. So, are you confident that all is well?