Farewell to a legend

Farewell: Ferguson paid tribute to Jimmy at the funeral earlier today...
Today was Jimmy Sirrel's send off and a last chance for Notts supporters to say their farewells to the great man.

Sir Alex Ferguson, Howard Wilkinson and a host of players who performed under Sirrel were present, alongside a strong following of County fans.

Following his death, tributes emerged thick and fast from all quarters, signifying the impact that Sirrel had on so many people's lives.

As a final goodbye to Sirrel, Notts County Mad has rounded up a collection of acknowledgments from former players, managers, friends and Notts supporters just to show how highly regarded he really was.

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Listed below are some of the comments made following his passing…

Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson: "All I can say is that I'd be confident in Jimmy Sirrel managing a team I supported. People like Jimmy have had to work with either no money or little money and if you look at his career, you'll see he's done fantastically well."

Ex-striker, Les Bradd: "We certainly feared him on match days, particularly when he was throwing jugs of tea at us. But generally Jimmy was a friend to the players. He would tell funny stories, we would laugh at him."

Nottingham Evening Post columnist, Gary Birtles: "Jimmy was a total football man and his logic was simple; he would concentrate on the good in players rather than their weaknesses. That uncomplicated, positive attitude is so important. Just ask players. His liaison with Jack Wheeler was legendary and when you hear somebody like Sir Alex Ferguson speaking about Jimmy, praising him to the hilt, you know he must have been a special character."

Former Notts' midfield maestro, Don Masson: "I owe everything in my football career to Jimmy - he was fantastic."

Magpies' midfielder and BBC Sport blogger, Gavin Strachan: "I never met

Goodbye Boss: Many former players were present today...
Jimmy personally but as soon as you set foot in Meadow Lane you are instantly aware of the achievements he made and the great regard which he is held by everyone associated with the club. It says a lot for the man that only last season when were in the midst of a relegation battle he would regularly attend all the home matches even though it was obvious that his health was on the decline. God bless you Jimmy."

Current Chairman, John Armstrong-Holmes: "The news has stunned everyone and although it's 20 years since Jimmy left the club, he was still affectionately remembered by everyone."

Mansfield Town boss, Billy McEwan: "He lived for football and was a great disciple of the game. He was always thinking about the game and he knew how to build a club from the ashes, like he did at Notts County. His teams always played great football. He was an incredible man who will be sadly missed."

Centre of Excellence Director, Mick Leonard: "He is a legend in his own right here at Meadow Lane, and rightly so. There aren't many people like Jimmy around now, he was a one off. He was always in the background here, and it won't be the same without him. It was an honour when he signed me and it was an honour to play under him.

Former manager, Howard Wilkinson: "I cannot thank him enough for the loyalty, support and trust. His presence will be sadly missed but his legacy will live on."

Writer for The Telegraph and former player, David McVay: "He was responsible for ensuring quite a few players went on to have a decent career in the game. I know he was a huge influence on me. For Notts County fans he has left a legacy of a lot of good memories, but essentially he is responsible for making the club what it was, in his way."

County manager, Ian McParland: "I was here for more than nine years and I took things away with me that Jimmy taught me on the coaching field. When I went into the coaching I used ideas I had learned from him, and little

Inspired: McParland uses many of the same techniques as his former manager...
psychological things he would do. You couldn't do some of the things now that Jimmy did back then, but I have taken a lot from him."

Assistant-manager, David Kevan: "What can I say about the man? He is a legend and he will be very, very sadly missed. Jimmy is held in high esteem throughout football and was certainly one of the games real characters. He had such knowledge of the game but made football simple. All I have are fond memories of my time working under such a great like Jimmy Sirrel."

Northern Ireland coach, Nigel Worthington: "Jimmy was the manager who brought me to England and I have got a lot of very good feelings for him. He did wonders for my career. He was an exceptional coach and man-manager, particularly with younger players."

Former Chairman, Steve Thompson: "It wasn't just that he made us a success, it was that he cared so much about Notts County. I cannot think of another manager who had retained such close links with the club after they had finished. He was a regular at matches whenever he was around and I will never forget his appearance before the Bury match a couple of years ago."

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