Enough is Enough says Jenk

The full-back said the club should get the whole thing sorted, saying: "It's time the future of the club was secured."

Jenkins is one of six players on short-term deals with The Magpies, as Notts aren't allowed to offer any contracts while in administration.

Jenkins sticks two fingers up to the whole administration thing
And the Welshman said it's about time the dark clouds hovered above Meadow Lane went somewhere else.

"It has been going on for too long now and the players are mostly kept in the dark," he told the Evening Post.

"We are not told what is going on. It has been a bit quiet for a while now and not much has been said.

"We only know what we hear from the media and you can't say it doesn't affect you, because it does.

"Not knowing if they were still going to be in a job in a few weeks time would affect anyone.

"It has affected me, so I hate to think how the lads that have been here for longer feel.

"Some of them are still owed money from last season and everyone has been worried about what will happen."

However Jenkins says he is hopeful Notts can put this all behind them, and he cannot wait.

"I am really looking forward to when all of this is over," he added.

"I obviously want to stop worrying about my own security but there are so many people who love this club that deserve better too.

"I have only been here for a few months, but already I have a tremendous respect for the fans.

"They really are a superb bunch who keep backing the club despite everything they have had to put up with.

"I hope it is sorted out for them as much as anyone.

"They deserve to be able to focus on supporting their team on the pitch, not having to focus on what is happening off it.

"There are some very good players at this club and I have a lot of respect for the manager too.

"He keeps us upbeat about things and there is no problem about belief.

"There have been a lot of matches this season when we haven't got what we deserved.

"And we have to believe that, as long as we keep performing, we will start moving away from the bottom of the table.

"We have a tough game coming up against Brighton on Saturday. But we are in a good run of form at home and we have to be confident.

"There are only a few weeks left to save the club. But I really hope there is positive news to talk about soon. This club deserves that."

So there you have it, Jenkins passing his first test as captain with flying colours. I shouldn't think he's got much reason to worry about the takeover though, things are progressing nicely...