Diary of a 'Football nobody' hits the big time

A far cry from Hollywood; for the moment.
McVay – who made more than 128 appearances for the Magpies – kept a diary during his time with the Magpies in the 1970s in hope of the players of old gaining some recognition for their work:-although he admits that he never imagined it to make such an impact, ‘Steak…Diana Ross: Diary of a Football nobody’ looks set to hit the big screen in the not-so-distant future.

The director behind the film is considered as one of the hot, young AND British prospects in the arts world; namely, Toby MacDonald. Nominated for a Bafta award for Je t’aime John Wayne.

And if the celluloid version of the diary can gain half the success as the original book, then it looks sure to be a hit.

To buy David McVay’s, ‘Steak…Diana Ross: Diary of a Football nobody’ follow this link to the Amazon book store.