Deeney Might Stop

The highly rated Irish star has been linked with a whole host of Premiership clubs, but bizzarely can't quite get a look in here.

Wolves had been looking at him because they had been refused permission from the league to sign a 'keeper outside of the transfer window.

However, League rules state clubs are still allowed to sign from clubs in Administration. Hence there interest in Deeney, who has earlier been linked with Blackburn and Tottenham.

But unfortunately for the young Irish stopper he had a bit of a nightmare on his debut for Wolves' reserves and dropped an almighty clanger in front of a crowd bolstered by the appearence of a certain Paul Gascoigne, so his chances of a move appear bleak.

Although Deeney does still have just over a week of his two week trial left to run.

Looks like Saul will have to settle for life behind Stuart Garden in the pecking order for a little while longer yet.