Dearden Lets Off Steam

Last updated : 29 December 2003 By Rob Davies
Dearden said that these conditions are un- workable, and also stated that he is in the dark about the whole thing.

Dearden finally said that he hopes to bring a player in before Notts' next league game, against Peterborough on January 6th.

"We are still under a Football League transfer embargo,"
Dearden told the NEP. "I am not sure exactly why, because nobody has explained it to me sat me down and told me.

"But the fact is that we are still in a position where we cannot bring in
any players.

"I haven't signed anyone because the Football League won't let us. That is
why we haven't been able to add to the squad, nothing else.

"Everyone seems to think that now the takeover has gone through everything will suddenly be rosy.

"Well, it clearly isn't and it is time somebody said something. It is about time people realised what the situation is.

"We are facing a fight, but things are not helped by the resources we have available to us.

"Things have not really changed at all from that point of view and they need to."

Mark Stallard, Clive Platt, Paul Heffernan, Paul Bolland and Paul Riley all picked up injuries in yesterday's defeat at Luton, while youngsters Willis Francis & Shaun Harrad are also injured.

NCM Opinion

The majority of teams that come out of administration have a transfer embargo for a short while after, just so the league can check the new owners have the necessary management skills.

Why Dearden thought Notts would be any different is beyond me. Of the 7 players that are injured, 5 have all been available recently, so his squad won't have been any shorter than normal.

Whilst two, Harrad and Francis, wouldn't have played anyway, so I don't see why their injuries matter now.