Dearden - "This Is No Way To Run A Football Club"

Last updated : 30 January 2003 By Rob Davies

We all know Dearden is a man that likes to speak his mind, but he is finally reaching the end of his tether regarding the state of the club and the lack of finance he has to freshen the squad.

It has been well documented that Dearden has had no money to go out and bring in new faces but even if Notts do get money from selling players, it seems unlikely that much of it will be put aside to fund transfers.

"Cheesed off"
The 2-0 defeat at the hands of Plymouth last Saturday didn’t help matters. But because of injuries to many of the Notts squad it also limits competition for places and how much the manger can change the team if one player isn’t performing.

He told the Evening Post, "The 16 players in the squad were the 16 players I had available. Basically if you were fit you were in."

"This has been going on for too long. I don't think this is any way to run a football club."

Given the position Notts are in, in the league it is vital new player are brought in to strengthen the squad and hopefully help pull away from the relegation zone.

Dearden admitted that it is just not possible to buy any more players, and won’t be for some time. He will just have to make do with what he has.

"There is a transfer embargo on the club and as long as that remains it prevents me from doing anything.

"I would like to bring in new players, but it is just not possible. I am not one to make excuses. I don't like to do that, but we do not have a lot of options at the moment and it is not making life easy."