Could this be Notts' lucky weekend?

Last updated : 22 November 2002 By Rob Davies

Last question of the Forum
The last question of the night at the Forum was asked by a lady sitting on the front row. Colin Slater said it was a good question and would be an excellent note on which to round the night off with.

So, sitting in my seat I was wondering what on earth would make it so special. Was it from some famous Notts fan? Would some kind of important news be revealed?

We were left in suspense for a few moments while the microphone found its way to the woman at the front.

She suggested that everyone, on leaving the Oriental Suite put a £1

Buying lottery tickets
in a silver bucket that she’d brought from home so that she could buy lots of Lottery tickets for Saturday’s draw in the hope of winning the jackpot.

If one of the tickets did come out as a winner she said all the money would go back to the club to help its financial cause.

The likeihood of us actually bagging something is very small but if every one of the 300 people put £1 in then we could have some chance of at least getting £10.

Could we win the 'Big One'?
So, it COULD be a good weekend from Notts County! Depending on various things happening.

Just think of the headlines in the papers on Sunday morning!

But then again… I can dream!