Connell Rawlinson admits where Notts County's problems stand

Last updated : 23 April 2021 By Magpie Mick

Rawlinson said “I think since the new gaffer has come in, I think you can see the structure is that we’re trying to build up from the back and be patient.

“But you’ve also got to remember that when you get towards that final third, you’ve got to take risks.

“You’ve can’t be scared of giving the ball away when it comes to playing that ball forward into the box or to create a chance.

“And I think that’s what the gaffer is now trying to really press through to us. We’ve got the defensive shape and we’ve got a good structure, but obviously, the improvements are all there to be seen in the final third because we haven’t scored enough goals.

“I can’t stand here and say we’ve been brilliant in front of goal this year.

“But that’s not just the forward lads. It’s the midfield and the defence.

“Me personally, I haven’t scored a goal this season which is is not good, I should be able to contribute two or three a season. But I think as a club, we are just lacking that killer Instinct in the box at the minute.

“It’s about having that ice in your veins when you get in front of goal or you’re playing that last pass. You’ve got to be really cool, calm and collected after the hectic build-up.

“I think it’s time just to calm it down, pick your spot and make sure we start putting the ball in the back of the net.

“As a group of players and staff, we need the fans to really help push us on.

“You see negativity and sometimes it spurs me on when someone says ‘oh, he’s had a bad game’ because I always go into the next one thinking, right, I’ve got to do well now.

“We’re still in the promotion hunt. We’ve been in a bit of bad form lately, but we’re still in and around it.

“We’ve got full belief, I can tell you that. No doubt about it. We’ve got a core group of senior pros that are driving training every day.

“We’re making sure that the lads still believe and we do. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of good teams in and around us, but let’s get in those play-offs. And then we’ll see who is going to step up at the end of the season.”