Chief executive Julian Winter compares Jamie Fullarton to Brendan Rodgers

Last updated : 12 January 2016 By Magpie Mick

"Amazingly we were in a position where we would have been quite happy in appointing any one of the six on the shortlist," said Winter.

"That is a pretty incredible place to be and trust me, I've been through this before.

"It was a very strong shortlist and it led to a very intense couple of days.

"We followed it up with a second interview with Jamie because there were additional things to ask.

"We still came to the same conclusion that he was the best candidate.

"Jamie said some good things and presented some good things.

"He showed a level of preparation which was pretty amazing given the timeframe these guys had.

"Ultimately it was about the best fit in terms of where the club is now and what we want to achieve in the future.

"Jamie showed tremendous characteristics.

"You can see the enthusiasm and the determination to be successful.

"He shone through. He had a brutal honesty and is very determined and knowledgeable.

"I've worked with some top managers in the past and he certainly has characteristics which reminds me of some of them.

"They have old school disciplines about honesty and respect allied with a new school mentality about medicines, analysis and so on.

"That permeated through the guys I worked with before and I definitely see those qualities in Jamie.

"I've appointed and worked with first time managers before,

"At Watford it was Brendan Rodgers, and then we appointed another first time manager in Malky Mackay.

"My history in working with first time managers is they come to a point in their careers where this is the next step.

"And the guys I have worked with in the past have stepped to the plate and done the job.

"They all have to start somewhere.

"I can certainly understand why the fans are asking why we have appointed another first-time manager, 100 per cent.

"Before I came here, I looked at the club from the outside in the managerial appointments, I looked at everything of the tenure of Ray and Aileen (Trew) because that's the important part.

"So I get some of the supporter feedback in the context of previous appointments.

"We understood it would come and are not surprised it was slightly controversial.

"But in these processes you can't ignore what is staring you in the face.

"I am enthused by the appointment of Jamie and I am sure he will be a tremendous asset and we will see that over time."