Adam Chicksen says Luke Williams is aiming to get the players to the next level

Last updated : 27 July 2023 By Magpie Mick

The former Zimbabwe international said "You don't just step up a league and keep doing the same things,"

"You'd be naive to think that. We have to get better and we're doing that.

"You'd expect teams to come at you a bit more at the start of the season because everyone wants to be at the top.

"But we're never going to shy away from trying to dominate the ball. We have to earn respect early in the season and hopefully, we can do that.

"We have to adapt. The gaffer is pushing us further, adding more in, being more creative and getting us to the next level.”

"The output will be similar but the level of smart players goes up. The IQ goes up the more levels you go up,” 

"The timings of runs, the decisions of passes - the smartness of the whole game plan rises because each level brings a different level of competition, with smarter ways to try to disrupt what you're trying to do.

"That keeps the evolution of what we're trying to do higher - we have to get better, we can never do exactly the same because we wouldn't show any improvement."