£200,000 milestone reached.

The writing is not yet on the wall...well it is...but it isn't.
And despite the fact that less than a month remains until the Football League’s final December 9th deadline, Trust vice-chairman, Keri Usherwood, believes the group will reach their £250,000 target in the near future.

Usherwood told the Nottingham Evening Post, that ‘We have broken the £200,000 barrier, which is a great effort’.

We have only had a little over two months in which to do that, so it is a fantastic effort.

And with the events we have planned over the coming few weeks, we have to be confident of achieving our target.

Notts fans have been absolutely superb. They have really done themselves proud in their efforts to save the club.’

A major contributing factor thought to help raise the final £50,000 is thought to come from the auctioning of the donated Chelsea shirts given to the Trust after Notts’ Carling Cup Third Round clash with the revolutionised Chelsea side.

With the shirt of
Chelsea’s number six, Marcel Desailly, currently priced at £555 on internet auction site, e-bay.

Meanwhile, Football League chairman, Sir Brian Mawhinney, has again warned that the December 9th deadline is in fact the final deadline and if it is not met then, the club will be kicked out of the league.