Messages of support.

Last updated : 06 December 2003 By Richard Brown

First of all, may I, on behalf of NCM and my fellow supporters, take this opportunity to thank all supporters from various other clubs who have issued any kind of support during Notts County’s time of struggle. Your messages of encouragement and support have been truly heart-warming proving that football is still very much, the beautiful game.

The following messages are a selection of the ones sent from a variety of clubs from all around the
UK shortly after County’s exit from administration:

From: A Stoke City fan

Well done for finally getting out of administration.

PS: Stoke City are the second oldest club (1863)

From: A Derby fan

Notts County, well done for raising the money to come out of admin. We gave 5 pounds which stopped me from getting my lunch that day and I was starvin’ marvin! Lol. I know 5 isn’t much but its summat. Glad we could help :)

From: a Pompey supporter.

Great news for you guys! Having come through similar at Pompey, we know what it’s like being in admin for what seems like an eternity..............Now we're in the Premiership.

I hope your club does as well out of all this as we did.

From: A Cardiff City fan

Brilliant news for all your fans! All the best from
Cardiff City.

From: A Motherwell fan

Congratulations on saving your club - when the Mighty Motherwell came out of administration we went on our best run of results for many a day, which now sees us sitting fourth in the league. I hope your guys share the same fortune, and get on with enjoying their football now that the pressure has been eased. GIVE 'EM HELL!!!


As you are all aware, there is no love lost between us up here in
Yorkshire and yourselves…however, all that aside, WELL DONE! I am very pleased to here that today a consortium has rescued your club from extinction.

You being the oldest club and all – that would have been a travesty to see you go.

Once again, well done and good luck for the future!

From: A Carlisle United fan

Well done in all your efforts, lads. YOU saved your club. I would love to see C.U.F.C. at Meadow Lane but it looks like we won’t be there for a long time now!!!

From: A Newcastle United fan

Well done and congratulations on coming out of administration. It would have been down-right criminal to have allowed the oldest professional club to go under. Your hard work and dedication should serve as an inspiration to all fans.

Remember, all great teams play in black and white!!!

From: A Watford fan

Just a quick message to say well done to all of you - particularly the fans who worked so hard to save your club. What happened to County could happen to any league club, including ours, so your rescue is an inspiration to us all, and your near-extinction a chilling warning to us all.

Now that I'm living and working in
Nottingham, I hope to get down to the right side of the Trent to add my few quid to the club's coffers. Plus I never did like Forest anyhow - too stuck-up and poncey for my liking

Good luck in your battle to stay up.

From: A Dundee fan

Just heard the fantastic news, well done everyone!

From: A Chelsea fan

I’m glad to see
Notts County get out of administration! They’re a great club and have great fans which showed at the Bridge when we played you! I’m glad to see we gave you some cash and signed shirts and hope we get you in the FA Cup - for a well competed match!

Source: Notts County-Mad’s message board.