A Fans View: Why Billy Has To Go

Last updated : 21 December 2003 By Rob Davies

Firstly, it is no secret that I am probably the person who has wanted to see the back of Billy Dreadful longer than anybody else.

I even posted for his removal on the official board after only 4 days of his appointment.

But in hind-sight, who can argue against all the points I have subsequently made since?

Close the door on your way out, Bill
For starters, the man shows no emotion during matches, he just leans on the dug-out throughout. He really doesn't care.

He will not change things around, even when it is obviously going "tits" up.

His team selections are a standing joke, same under-achievers, week in, week out.

It doesn't matter if Baraclough, Bolland etc only had one leg, they'd still get in in front of promising youngsters Willis Francis & Shane McFaul, for example.

He appears to have no tactical ability whatsoever.

He will not bring on substitutes, except for enforced injuries, until the 80th minute.

The bottom line is that Notts need to be building the foundations for the future now, and to do that, they must attract a new generation of supporters to take the club into the next decade, and beyond.

They will not, however, attract new blood should they continue to play the way they have for the past two years.

I will always turn up, week in, week out, have a moan afterwards...but still be back for another dose.

Unfortunately, I am one of a dying breed.

Notts must entertain, and to that end, Dearden must go. NOW.

Rob Bristol- aka Pissed Off Magpie.

Editors note- And if there's anyone out there who still wants Dearden to be given a bit longer, feel free to say why, just e-mail your views to rob@nottscounty-mad.co.uk and i'll be happy to put your views on the frontpage.