Aaron Scargill saves the day!

New Stadium name
A solitary ray of light has appeared in the form of a Nottingham property firm of all things. Meadow Lane has been officially renamed as the ‘Aaron Scargill Stadium’ in a 12-month deal worth a total of around £180,000. Which, I think you will agree, is considerably better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

Now, generally I disapprove of renaming schemes, I like things very much the way they are, but I confess I was happy to hear this news. As a case example - I am sure there are still many of you out there who still deny the existence of referee’s assistants, opting instead for their traditional ‘linesmen’ job title, and rightly so. The difference here is that linesmen were only renamed because of some kind of trade union and FIFA deal, which serves only to make them sound more important, pure nonsense I think you’ll agree. In the case of ‘The Stadium Formerly Known as Meadow Lane’ however, the repackaging could well be a key aspect in saving the club, which is clearly a very good thing indeed.

This estimated £180,000, which the club will receive over the course of the 12-months (as opposed to a lump sum), will go a good way towards the running costs of the club over the year. This guaranteed income will also hopefully provide stability for County, which could help reopen talks with the Nottingham Councils regarding their financial assistance for the club.

Of course the renaming will mean nothing to us stubborn fans, who will no doubt still refer to it as Meadow Lane. You will likely only see the new title used in the media and for official use - unless the deal becomes permanent, in which case I’m sure we’ll all gradually convert to the ways of Aaron Scargill.

So, it’s not a particularly catchy title, it’s got no history, no passion surrounding its utterance (except from the estate agents themselves I shouldn’t wonder), and cynics will probably see it as a further decline for football into the inevitable corporate takeover. But I’m no cynic. Hopefully both sides can prosper from the deal - Aaron Scargill will rake in the ‘greenbacks’ from their local sporting affiliation and, more importantly, the club will go on to footballing and financial success.

So, we say a big thank you to Aaron Scargill for their support for our club in these difficult times. I realise the rename is neither exciting nor glamorous, but it could be worse (Walkers Bowl anyone?) Besides, who cares when they could save Notts County, crap name or liquefied club, I know which I’d prefer.

By the way, if you do require an estate agent, give them a call first - you’ll be helping your club!