The "BIG" Interview With Albert Scardino

Last updated : 21 July 2003 By Notts County Mad
Albert Scardino tells Mark Stevenson about the future of Notts County FC
Albert Scardino
Here is the views of Albert Scardino talking about recent events, here it from the horses mouth:

Explain why Peter Storrie left for Portsmouth on a temporary basis and how did you feel about this?

He didn't leave. Peter will be working at Meadow Lane three days a week till the end of February, plus a weekend day, spending two days a week and a weekend day at Portsmouth. Portsmouth will pay us 60% of his salary for the month, saving us a nice piece of change at a time when we are strapped for cash because of the cancellation of two big games at the beginning of January. At the end of February, he returns full time to Meadow Lane. In the meantime, he will help to re-organize the administrative side of a 1st Division club. The information he gathers from his visit will be invaluable to our own planning and administration. He will also have a chance to work with his friend Harry Reddknapp on his thoughts about the transfer market, both in and out. For us, it cements a friendship with a big club in another part of the country. Football on the whole is in crisis financially. We will have to adopt creative ways of solving our problems if the leagues are going to survive. This was an innovative experiment that promises to benefit everyone involved. Peter gets nothing out of it but experience and wisdom. Notts County gets a financial benefit and a better executive. At a time of extreme stress for them, Portsmouth gets advice from one of the best executives in the industry. The two clubs get a friendship that may well pay large dividends for many years. In the meantime, Bill Dearden gets a chance to make his mark with no one thinking he is under anyone's thumb.

Recently people have been suggesting that yourself and Peter will be pulling out in the bid to take over the club, what do you make of this?

It isn't a bid anymore. It's a contract. We intend to honor our contract. Not to mention that we like it here. We're in very deep and we intend to get deeper. I may be crazy, but Notts County is my looney bin, for better or worse. Peter feels the same way.

Have you ever thought about leaving Notts?

It has never occured to me.

Which player have you been most impressed with this season?

The official in the game at Bournemouth. What imagination, what artistic license, what a total lack of shame.

Has the business of running a football club been harder than you expected?


So far you have worked with 3 managers? What were the main differences you noticed between their styles?

I understood Gary's accent.

Do we have any hope of staying up this season?

No. I think we should concede the remaining 60 points and start our summer holiday in January.

What do you make of the rumours circulating Danny Allsopp and Marcel Cas' moves away from the club, has anyone made a bid for them?

Not that I know of. I like them both very much. We ought to be able to help both of them become even better, but we haven't made their work any easier this year by leaving them stranded. They are both committed, serious professionals, and I admire their eagerness to play.

Martin Phillips and Chris Roberts have both been linked with the club recently, what do you make of this?

You're asking the wrong guy. Don't know them.

How is the clubs financial position?

That's a many-sided question. Stronger than at any time in the last 10 years in just about every respect, and for the first time ever, we have enough information because of the hard work of the office staff to know that.

Is there any danger for the certainty of the clubs future?

We don't have the resources at the moment of such clubs as Reading, Stoke and Wigan. But we're not bad. We have a solid financial base. Our assets are far higher than our liabilities. When you see so many clubs in our division who can't pay the wages, can't complete a stand, can't deal in the transfer market because of financial restrictions, we seem extraordinarily fortunte.

How do you think Billy Dearden has done so far?

Extremely well, and he has done it quietly and with good cheer. We're lucky to have him.

Why are we playing so badly?

We aren't, but we are getting awfully bad results, aren't we.

What do you think of the trouble across the river?

Sad. Bad for Forest, bad for Nottingham, bad for us, bad for football. Nothing would be better for the city than to have two very strong, competitive teams -- with county ahead in the table.

What do Notts County need to get out of the league position they are in?
(no answer given)

Are you or Peter leaving Notts County Football Club?
(no answer given)

Thanks very much to Albert Scardino for taking the time to answer my questions.
Questions asked by Mark Stevenson