Seng: I will not be selfish for my club

Last updated : 21 July 2005 By Richard Brown

Teo Hock Seng, who was in attendance for last night’s 4-2 win over Gresley Rovers, has been flown into the country to discuss the possibility of Shah staying in England, should Gudjon and his team so wish.

After the final whistle had blown, Seng – with a roguish grin to boot – was firm in his methods of getting Shah into the English game, and not allowing him to fall where other Singaporeans have before him.

Teo Hock Seng pictured at a Charity golf event
And whilst Seng is desperate to line-up the Singapore international a forthcoming tournament for Tampines, the Stags chairman remains unrelenting in his selfless attitude towards the future of Shah.

"We have had to make a sacrifice for him to play in the English leagues, a league that we see as the best in the world," said Seng, speaking exclusively to Notts County MAD late last night.

"We believe it is worth the sacrifice so he can return to Singapore as a better player. Our main concern is with getting the player to play here and for him to improve his game."

Shah’s impressive displays in international friendlies and Singapore's 2004 Tiger Cup victory has seen the player earn many fans, both at home and abroad – including Seng.

"He is a lethal finisher. He’s good for one goal per game for my club; and for his country. He’s playing very well," said the worldly Singaporean, cooly puffing away on a post-match Marlboro.

"I think he did well tonight; although he didn’t score."

"Originally the trial was for a fortnight, but if Notts want to have another look at him; then that’s fine by me."

Teo Hock Seng with Shah shortly after the final whistle
And whilst the possibility of letting the player leave on a free has been all but ruled out, Seng remains confident that a deal could still be struck between the two clubs.

"We are open minded about a part-exchange deal. We are just keen to get him an opportunity to play over here"

"If there is to be an exchange program; fine – or if there’s a loan move involved; then that’s fine too. We are not here to say he is of ‘X’ or ‘Y’ value."

"We cannot be selfish as a club."

For a comprehensive look at the club’s Singaporean trialist, be sure to check back to NCM over the coming days...