NCM EXCLUSIVE - Time to believe (part two)

Last updated : 16 January 2008 By Paul Smith and Gary Moss

Chester next, I see a dossier in front of you, what do you make of them?

Meadow Lane... Preparing for Chester visit

I've got it here yes (he holds it up). They will be tough to beat.

Notts are back at home and there's a bit of an issue with home form at the moment while Chester are doing well away - will that play into it?

We'll see hopefully not.

As a player do you feel more pressure playing at home?

As a player I just went out and gave it my lot every week. Sometimes that would be good, bad or indifferent. I would just give it my all.

Do yourself and Dave still wish you could play and think you could have made a difference?

We've had our time so we're not griping about that.

Kevan... Joined McParland from the Championship
Did you enjoy your time at Notts?

Yea it was great - I had a great time here.

What is your relationship like with Dave now and you persuaded him to come here from Burnley?

Yea it was good to bring him here. Me and Dave get on really well - very well.

Is the Notts job one you have always wanted?

I have not really thought about it to be honest. I have never thought 'I want this job or that job!' I have never thought about that, whatever comes along comes along. It came available and it just happened so quick. These things happen. I don't look too far to the future I just take things as they come. I have got a job to do here and I'll do it to the best of my ability.

Moving back onto the players - Paul Mayo left on loan is that a move that could turn permanent? Will you keep an eye on his performances?

Of course we will. I just thought it was right for Paul to go out on loan at the minute because we've got Austin McCann who can play left-back and Stephen Hunt who has been superb at left-back.

Other loaned out players include Stef Frost and Matt Austin, is that

Mayo... Shipped out on loan... for now.
just to fuel their development?

They weren't getting games of football so it's so they can go out and play football there.

Are Notts looking to get the reserve side back soon because the fringe players are not getting football at all?

Of course they are not. That is where the club are at the moment. The chairman is striving to get the youth system back which would help reserve games but it all takes time.

How important do you think reserve team football is?

I think the youth system is more important than reserve team football because you can play half your youths and half your boys who have not been playing. In reserve games, you just give people games. In youth football and the centre of excellence it is to develop players for the future - to carry on the progression and keep players ticking who have not been playing. That is what

McParland... Did everything at Forest
normal football clubs do.

You had a lot of input into the youth at Forest, that must be something close to your heart?

Yes. I worked with the youths and did everything at Forest. Over the ten years I was there it was very enjoyable.

How about Krystian Pearce, he has had to go back to Birmingham, how disappointing is that? Did you try and extend the deal? Could he make it in the Premiership?

Krystian has done very well for a young lad he has made his made but he is still learning the game. It is a bitter blow because he's a good young lad to have about. It's up to him. If he keeps working hard and working on the bits of his game that he is weak on, if he keeps doing that I am sure he will. We were going to extend the deal and it was all agreed, but they changed their mind for some reason, nothing to do with us. They wanted him back there to have a look at him. Alex McLeish has not seen him and they will maybe get him training with the first team to see how he compares to them.

Pearce... Premiership quality?

Talking about players with potential, Myles Weston is somebody who we think could develop well but has had some niggly trouble with his hamstring. Do you think he'll come through that?

Yes he's got a bit of potential. Fingers crossed we'll just wait and see.

In the dressing room, who is the joker in the pack?

I think Neil MacKenzie. He is a bit of a joker. He cracks a few jokes.

Best trainer?

They are all good trainers to be fair. They all get their heads down and train.

Worst trainer?

Branston... Hard.
None, to be fair. I have never come across that at other clubs before. But our boys they are all at it.

Hard Man?

Kevan: We'll get Guy in here to do a little bit!

We'll run a mile! And the showboater?

I want footballers not tricksters! I want people who will go out there and fight.

What about the banter? That is always an important criteria at a club. Is that any good?

Yes it's a good dressing room but it could get better if we start winning some games.

We know it is a bit of a cliché but do you believe you are just one win away from picking up?

I hope so. You have to keep believing - you have to keep believing. In some games we have been very unfortunate but I am a great believer that you make your own luck. There is other games where we have been not quite so good - like Saturday.

Now moving onto League Two in general, Do you think it is a strong league?

I don't know really to be honest - it doesn't matter what league you're in to be honest you play every week and it is tough. You can be in the Premier League and every week you have to beat what is in front of you.

There is a bit of a managerial merry-go-round at the moment it is

Puncheon... Rated by McParland
quite ridiculous. What do you make of that?

It happens in all leagues. It doesn't matter what league - that is the nature of the game. You just have to accept that and get on with it. It might be right, it might be wrong.

Since you have been at Notts, who would you say is the best team Notts have come up against?

I thought on the night, Peterborough. They have had a sticky patch since. I thought MK Dons were good as well but on the night I thought Peterborough were a good side, especially in the first half.

Their big spending seems to be paying off doesn't it?

Yes it is…. The old coin pal! That is what it is all about! Pounds, shillings and pence! Normally the teams with the most money are top.

Do you tend to have a drink with the managers after the game. Anyone you get on really well with?

I get on with anyone to be fair. We invite the other manager in for the drink, they come in if they want to. He has to bring his own ale in though!

Money apart, if there is any League Two player you would take who would it be?

I liked Jason Puncheon at Barnet. And as for a League Two player who I think is better than League Two there is Keith Andrews at the MK Dons.

How important is the Chester game?

It is very important. It's a massive game and we must try and get some breathing space between us and the teams below us.

NCM would like to express their gratitude to Notts media manager Tom Loakes and also McParland and Kevan. It was a very enjoyable time.
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