Match Ratings

Last updated : 14 December 2003 By Rob Davies
In my opinion, this was the worst Notts have played all season, even worse then 5-0 & 4-0 hammerings away at Bristol & Swindon respectively.

It certainly was one of the worst adverts for football that I've seen at Meadow Lane for the past few years.

Ratings- (6 Average)

Steven Mildenhall- 7, Star man. Get's the star man award purely because everyone else was so bad, and he did pull off one stunning save. Deflection on the goal, so couldn't be faulted.

Steve Jenkins- 5, Gave possesion away too easily and looked a bit of a weak link. Got forward well and was a good outlet at times, but then failed to deliver a decent cross.

Nicky Fenton- 4, Not seem him play as badly as this before. Gave the ball away all the time and didn't win it as much as he usually does. Very poor, especially by his standards.

Ian Richardson- 6, Our player of the season so far was our major threat at set-pieces and still won his fair share of the ball. Was below par, but still put his usual 110% effort in.

Kevin Nicholson- 6, Was definetly not one of Notts' worst performances, and his delivery of crosses was far better then Jenkins' on the other side. Still should get stuck in a bit more, but was steady, if not spectacular.

Simon Baldry- 6, Picked up his game somewhat in the second half, but was absoloutly awful in the first. Great cross for the goal and his direct running caused them problems in the second. Gave the ball away too easily and never got in the game during the first period.

Darren Caskey- 6, Looked far more happier when Murray came on, as he was allowed to get forward much more. When he played with Bolland, his only option was to get the ball off the back four and hoof it long. Actually was one of our harder workers on this occasion and must have felt lost among the lack of quality around him.

Paul Bolland- 2, Did absoloutly nothing. Didn't even win the ball or work hard, the two qualities previously listed under his strengths. He also seemed to be on a personal crusade to get himself sent-off, as he flew in with countless late tackles.

Ian Baraclough- 5, How many times, HE'S NOT A LEFT WINGER!! Set up the goal and to his credit, won his fair share of the ball in the second half, but like Baldry, was simply awful in the first. His precense on the wing shows we've made absoloutly no progress since the start of the season.

Mark Stallard- 4, Not doing it at the minute. Needs to sort whatever the problem is, because it surely is more than a lack of confidence. Was played through on goal in the second half but when he powered his finish wide, it just showed how poorly he's playing at the minute.

Paul Heffernan- 5, Can't really do much when balls are being pumped up in the air to him, it's simply not his game. Is carrying the fight on his own recently, and still managed to fire his seventh goal of the season, despite not playing well. Currently, the club's top scorer.


Adam Murray (On 63- Bolland)- 7, Changed the game, he practically ran the show when he came on. Must wonder what Notts have got to offer him. Set up the goal and allowed the whole midfield to play better.

Tony Hackworth (On 78- Stallard)- 5, Could have been through at one point, but failed to chase the ball down. His usual ineffective display.

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