Match Ratings

In my opinion 1-0 didn't do Notts justice, this was one of their best performances as a team this season, certainly their best away from home in the league all season.

The fact that four regular first teamers were all out makes the performance even better.

(6 Average)

Steven Mildenhall- 9, Fantastic display, that should keep the doubters at bay for a little longer. Saved the penalty, and made 3 or 4 other great stops to keep us in the lead. Only had one moment of madness but got away with it, and worked hard for his clean sheet.

Danny Livesey- 7, Solid. Hart to believe he's only 18 and he has a BIG future in the game. Didn't give his winger a sniff, had one of his best games for Notts, especially as he was playing out of position.

Nicky Fenton- 8, Top quality performance from Fenton against one of the best forwards in the division. Had one scare when Zola went down claiming a penalty, but the referee deemed the tackle fair and booked the striker. Countless saving tackles, didn't put a foot wrong.

Ian Richardson- 9, Star man. Just shades man of the match from 4 or 5 others, but was absoloutly outstanding yesterday. Was back wearing the captains armband, and back in his favoured centre half role, excelled in both. Set up the goal and could have had one himself, aswell as beating the giant Zola in the air countless times.

Kevin Nicholson- 6, Was only just fit enough to play the game, but his presence allowed the team to have much more balance. Still doesn't exactly fill you with confidence when faced with pace, though made vital clearences.

Simon Baldry- 7, Was booked for a dive, and it was a poor one, Simon certainly isn't in the same league as Owen, Savage and even our very own, Mark Stallard just yet. Got forward well but still seems unsure of what to do when someone actually wants to tackle him.

Paul Bolland- 8, His best game in a long, long while. Did all the hard graft which allowed Murray and the rest of the midfield to do the creative bit. Countless interceptions, did a vital job.

Adam Murray- 9, Outstanding debut. Edged out of man of the match, which he may well have got on another occasion. Was always involved, has quick feet and looks far too good for this division. Basically, a more mobile Caskey. A shame that we'll probably never see him play for Notts again.

Paul Riley- 5, The only player that didn't really do himself justice. His performances are just getting worse, and surely it's now time for him to give someone else a go on the left. Just seems to lack the confidence that he had a month ago.

Clive Platt- 7, Led the line well before being sent off. Could have scored on numerous occasions but was denied by poor finishing or good defending. Can't really comment on the sending off, but there really doesn't seem much point in arguing the decision AFTER the penalty has been saved.

Paul Heffernan- 9, Fired in the winner, in which he showed great strength, pace and finishing ability. One of his best performances of the season in which he was clearly our dangerman. Subbed off 15 minutes from the end to make way for the experience of Stallard.


Mark Stallard (Heffernan- 75)- 6, Had to work on his own, but still didn't look anywhere near the player of last season. Held the ball up well occasionaly.

Shane McFaul (Livesey- 87)- 6, No time, but did nothing wrong.