A Few Observations

In no particular order...

1. The referee seemed determined to spoil the game. Though, there could be little arguments with the award of the free-kick which led to their late winner.

2. Gary Mills seems a very 'hands-on' manager, the complete opposite to Dearden and seemed very animated on the touchline, which is good.

3. Michael Brough has shaved his hair off. Yes, I did notice.

4. Tony Hackworth has a better first touch then any of our other strikers, and actually had a decent game today, maybe a goal could get him going.

5. The lad that came on the right-hand side for them was a danger for the whole time and gave the previously stable Riley and Nicholson nightmares.

6. Notts' crowd (a very reasonable 6,402) only seem to make any sort of noise when it's anti-referee chants, rather than ones that will back the team. Which is worrying...

7. Ian Richardson showed he can play well while captaining the team, and should surely get the armband full-time.

8. Nicky Fenton's still not a right-back.

9. If Gary Mills can't appoint an assistant in the near future, he could do a lot worse then John Gaunt, I think they'd make a good pair.

10. All the recent "under achievers" appeared to up their game in a major way( Brough, Bolland, Hackworth, Stallard & Nicholson).

11. Is the person that Fenton launched the ball at in Y Block okay?

Match Ratings coming up.