NC_Taylor_FC... Who Are Ya?

Full Name:
Matthew Taylor

Messageboard Name: NC_Taylor_FC

Date of Birth: February 1988

Where do you live? West Bridgford

How long have you supported Notts? 6 years

Where do you sit? Jimmy Sirrel Stand

Favourite current player? Dan Martin

Favourite all-time player? Mark Stallard or 'Richo'

Best Notts moment? The Carling Cup game at Chelsea. Never seen anything like it, gave me a taste of how the other half of the footballing World lives.

Worst Notts moment? The admin saga, which was right at the start of when i started supporting. That made being potless and unable to buy players seem the norm!

Favourite other team? None really. I like to have a look at what's going on in the Premiership and whoever Forest play!

Where do you realistically see Notts in five years time? Championship, but only if we get our skates on!