Hayley_Lou... Who Are Ya?

Full Name:
Hayley Louise Bristol

Messageboard Name: Hayley_Lou

Date of Birth: 13/9/89

Where do you live? Sutton-In-Ashfield

How long have you supported Notts? About 5 years

Where do you sit? Depends, when I'm sitting with my dad (POM) top of Z-Block, when I'm with my friend, we usually go in Y Block

Favourite current player? David Pipe or Ian Ross, and no I'm not going on looks!

Favourite all-time player? Well I've only supported them for a short while so I'm going to go with Kelvin Wilson, I thought he was an awesome player, dedicated to the club, and it was sad to see him go.

Best Notts moment? Got to be beating Mansfield 3-2 season, was a great atmosphere, and to win in the last minutes was amazing.

Worst Notts moment? I suppose nearly going down last season, or the admin period.

Favourite other team? No other team is the team for me!

Where do you realitically see Notts in five years time? League 1.