Gangsta_Pie... Who Are Ya?

Full Name:
Carl Brandom

Messageboard Name: Gangsta_Pie

Date of Birth: 18/3/86

Where do you live? Codnor, Derby

How long have you been a supporter? All my life really, it's my Gran's fault. My first game was the Anglo-Italian Cup but i fell asleep because of the long journey!

Where do you sit? Z-Block with the Chavs (Danny, Kirk and Jamie)

Favourite current player? David Pipe, Pipe, Pipe!

Favourite all-time player? Mark Stallard

Best Notts Moment? Winning the league under Big Sam

Worst Notts Moment? Getting relegated to Division 3, now League 2, Mill's time with the Club and last season's scrap

Favourite other team? West Ham, although i like to see Manchester United doing well

Where do you realistically see Notts in five years time? 1st in the 'Championship'.