cradleoffilth... Who Are Ya?

Full Name:
Luke Joynes

Messageboard Name: cradleoffilth

Date of birth: 21/05/87

Where do you live? Mapperley, Notts

How long have you supported Notts? 18 years (blame my father!)

Where do you sit? Sit? Sit? Haha! It's always the Z-Block for me, despite the chavs! Eh Gangsta_Pie?!!

Favourite current player? David Pipe, without a doubt the fans favourite right now

Favourite all-time player? Tommy Johnson, or more recently, Mark Stallard

Best Notts moment? Not had many in my time, although Big Sam's title-winning season was a great time!

Worst Notts moment? Administration period and being on the edge of relegation to the Conference last season

Favourite other team? Huddersfield Town are my second team thanks to Danny of HTFC World.

Where do you realistically see Notts in five years time? League 1, also winning the St Johnstone's Paint Tin Trophy!