Full Name:
Chris Wiltshire

Messageboard Name: Chibuzor_Chilaka

Date of Birth: 13/11/86

Where do you live? Strelley, Notts

How long have you supported Notts? 7-8 years

Where do you sit? Z-Block of Jimmy Sirrel Stand

Favourite Current Player? David Pipe

Favourite All-Time Player? David Pipe

Best Notts Moment? Stefan Oakes' album of amazing goals against Wycombe, Grimsby and Yeovil, or last game of last season, staying up gave us the chance to stay as a team this season and be worth something

Worst Notts moment? The Gary Mills era

Favourite other team? Manchester United. The old man supports them so I've grew up watching them

Where do you realistically see Notts in five years time? At best in the 'Championship' but that would need to be with a strong youth set up to get players such as Kelvin Wilson, Jermaine Pennant into the team to take Notts to where they should be.