Bass_Turd... Who Are Ya?

By Paul Smith
Last updated : 30 October 2006
Full Name:
Dave Hamish Westley

Messageboard Name: Bass_Turd

Date of Birth: 4th March 1979

Where do you live? Nottingham

How long have you supported Notts? Since i was 5

Where do you sit? In the County Road

Favourite current player? Stef Frost

Favourite all-time player? Ian McParland

Best Notts moment? When i found a fiver in the toilets 3 years ago

Worst Notts moment? When the guy whose fiver it was said "give it back"

Favourite other team? I like Doncaster

Where do you see Notts in five years time? The trams will be finished and maybe Sneinton will be redeveloped

Notts. County Match Reports

Sky Bet League Two Sat 16th December 15:00

Notts County 0 - 0 Grimsby Town

Last game - Match Centre

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