Interview with a true Magpie Natty

Last updated : 05 September 2002 By Natty and Mark Stevenson
Nigel Nattrass - a true fan!
Nigel "Natty" Nattrass
: Nigel "Natty" Nattrass

Age: 39

Which stand do you usually sit in ? Jimmy Sirrell

Where are you from ? Stapleford

How long have you been a Notts Fan ? Since 1970-71 season

Why did you start to support Notts, and not the scum over the water ? It's a family tradition

Who has been the best player you have ever seen in a Notts shirt ? Don Masson

What was the first Notts game you ever went to ? Can't was
around Christmas 1970

What is the best Notts game you have ever been to ? Sheff Utd 4 Notts Co
5 Anglo-Scottish Cup

What is the worst Notts game you have ever been to ? Notts v Port Vale 19th
January 2002

Who have been the best opposition you have ever seen at Meadow Lane ?
Ipswich during the early 80s

Who has been the best opposition player you have ever seen down at the Lane
Ian Rush

What has been the best away ground you have ever been to ? Parkhead,

What has been the worst away ground you have ever been to ? Northamptons'
old ground

What has been your funniest moment down at Notts County ? Charlie Palmers

Best Moment as a Notts fan ? Wembley v Tranmere

Worst Moment as a Notts fan ? The day we were relegated at Fulham....the
same day as the Bradford fire

Which player have you been most impressed with this season, if any? Shane
Tudor ( Cambridge )

Which player( s ) would you like to see Dearden not picking on a regular
basis ?
Baraclough, Nicholson, Owers, Brough, Holmes, etc etc etc

Who looks the most exciting prospect at the Lane ? Paul Heffernan

Do you think Dearden is the right man for the job ? He is....but many of
the players aren't.

What kind of players do you think notts need in order to get out of
releagtion ?
Committed ones.

And finally, Where do you think Notts will end up this season? Relegated.

Natty was Interviewed there by Mark Stevenson

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