An Interview With A True Magpie, Steve Parker

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Sir Charlie Palmer - Hit The Winner Against Our Near Neighbours Which Gave Steve His Greatest Moment Supporting Notts

Steve Parker

49 -I know that will be a surprise to a lot of people!!!!

Which stand do you usually sit in ?
Season ticket holder in the Jimmy Sirrell stand along with my 14 year old son Tom. last season we sat next to the "Rough Boys" but frankly I got fed up with their bad language, so we have moved slightly more towards the centre. Still like to be close to where there is some atmosphere and also where there are Lots of People -I feel the cold at my age!

Where are you from ?
Nottingham born of Bred, have managed to move all of 3 miles from carlton to Mapperley throughout my 49 years (Can't believe I'm that old)

How long have you been a Notts Fan ?
Whilst I had been to a few Notts Games before I started becoming a regular Supporter. I start counting from Dec 28th 1964 v Lincoln City (The late Doc Pace 2 goals). So if my sums are correct I guess I am near to doing 38 years. (So how many weekends of disappointment in that lot?)

Why did you start to support Notts, and not the scum over the water ?
No family tradition at all. I think I have always liked to be alternative, like I prefered rock n Roll to Soul Music. Prefer riding a Bike to Driving a Car.

Who has been the best player you have ever seen in a Notts shirt ?
I'm not a particular good judge of footballers, so I'll change this question from "Best" to "Favourite". I'm having two choices "Bob Worthington" legendary full back in Notts County's Div 4 Championship Season in 1970 -loved his goal against Rotherham & I've always had an interest in Goalkeeping (even though I am ridiculously small I played amateur football in Goal) so my other choice is Raddy Avromovic. An inspired signing by Jimmy. 3 brilliant years with Notts.

What was the first Notts game you ever went to ?
First notts Game was Sept 6 1962 Notts Co 1 (Hateley scored ) Reading 0. I remember it well I went with my brother David. I was allowed to go, even though it was a night match (Played on a Thursday as all night games were then) because the Floodlights had I beleive been blown down in a gale and the evening kick offs were brought forward to 6.30pm.

What is the best Notts game you have ever been to ?
Once again I'm having two:

The most exciting game I consider was Lincoln City 3 Notts Co 5. Such a thrilling game & of course Notts beating their all time record of 9 succesive wins -breathtaking .
The game that gave me the Most Pleasure was Notts County 2 Forest 1 & the gloriously dramatic Charlie Palmer -still excites whilst I am writing about it -so special.

One Of Steve's Favourite Games Was The 5-3 Win At Lincoln In 1998, Sean Farrell Hit Two Goals That Day
What is the worst Notts game you have ever been to ?
My emotions are lead by results, so in my book a 0-0 draw can not be the worst ever game. So once again I change the rules and I have gone for the game where the disappointment lasted longest. That Game was the FA CUP quarter final away against Spurs losing 2-1. I hate it when you read about Notts fans waxing lyrical about that game, The Don o'Riordon coal, the brave performance etc. For me all of that counts for nothing, we were in touching distance of being in an fa cup final -we could have easily gone all the way.

For the record the Pain of defeat lasted 12 days!

Who have been the best opposition you have ever seen at Meadow Lane ?
Dont Know I genuinely only look at one side. I can't honestly think of one team which have made a lasting impression. That does not mean that there have not been brilliant teams who have played notts-its just that I do not notice them.

Who has been the best opposition player you have ever seen down at the Lane ?
Same Answer I'm just so blinkered!

However I do have over 40 years of following football who I would love to see play against Notts & that is David Beckham. I just think David Beckham is such a world superstar and an inspiritional Player
(By the way I have always been a big Englamd fan, even before it became fashionable to be an england fan)

What has been the best away ground you have ever been to ?
Changing the rules again! This is my favourite away ground as it brings back such special memories. It is Ancona and a wonderful trip I had flying out on the team plane (along with Players and supporters also of Bolton & Stoke) going to see Notts in the Anglo-Italian Cup.

What has been the worst away ground you have ever been to ?
I hate souless new stadia, such as Scunthorpe, Chester and Walsall. I like stadiums with character. I went to Leicester's new stadium a few weeks ago & whilst it is impressive it is just the same as Derby, southanpton & Middlesboro. If its a new stadium I want something to excite me.

I was also disappointed with Anfield when I went up there to watch England v Paraguay this year. You here all about the legendary anfield. But to me it just like an old stadium that had just had seats fitted -seemed very functional.

What has been your funniest moment down at Notts County ?
It was not at Meadow Lane but at 4.30am climbing up a hill on the way back to our hotel in Ancona. The rest of the details will only be sold to the Daily Mirror at a price that will make Mr Paul Burrell's current fee look like pocket money!

Best Moment as a Notts fan ?
Changing the question again!
To the most dramatic and therefore most thrilling Notts Goal,. Got 3 choices. Charlie's Goal against Forest, Les Bradd's winner 1-0 last minute against Forest & Gary Lund's goal against Man City in the Cup. All dramatic as they were the winners,so near the end.

But No 1 is Charlie's such a sweet memory!

Worst Moment as a Notts fan ?
The real sickener was the Dijkestra own goal against Derby. The football club has gone down hill from that pivotal moment.

Heff - Going To Be Quite Special
Which player have you been most impressed with this season, if any?

I like goalscorers, so it has to be Paul Heffernan. I think he is going to be quite special.

Which player(s) would you like to see Dearden not picking for the side on a regular basis?
I tend not to have negatives about players

Who looks the most exciting prospect at the Lane ?
Paul Heffernan again -can't see anyone else at the moment who I think will make it in a big way.

And finally, Where do you think Notts will end up this season?
In the league, I hate predicting, because with Notts I always think I'm tempting fate, but i am reasonably confident we will escape relegation, but I will be amazed If we finish in the top half.