An Interview With A True Magpie, Paul Sawyer

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Paul Has Been Following The Magpies Since He Was 9

Paul Sawyer


Which stand do you usually sit in ?
Jimmy Sirrel

Where are you from ?
I live in Annesley Woodhouse. Been in Notts all my life (grew up in Wollaton and Ravenshead)

How long have you been a Notts Fan ?
Since I was about 9.

Why did you start to support Notts, and not the scum over the water ?
Haven't got a clue. No-one in my family follows footy and all my mates supported F****t. I guess I must be a Masochist...

Who has been the best player you have ever seen in a Notts shirt ?
Best player was probably Craig Short or Pedro Richards but favourite was Iain McCulloch.

What was the first Notts game you ever went to ?
Game vs Orient in the old 2nd division. We won 1-0 through a Ray O'Brien penalty. Can't remember the year.

What is the best Notts game you have ever been to ?
Notts 3 F****t 2 (Hooks, McCulloch and Christie for Notts with Supermac being sent off for studding their keeper). What a superb week at school that was as I was the only Notts fan in amongst F****t and Stags fans.

What is the worst Notts game you have ever been to ?
So, many to choose from recently. I'd probably say Port Vale at home last year.

Who have been the best opposition you have ever seen at Meadow Lane ?
The Ipswich side that had Ally Brazil, Arnold Muhren, Franz Thyssen and Eric Gates in. They were the one side that totally destroyed us and should have had double figures. Great to watch.

Nick Fenton - Been A Rock At The Back
Who has been the best opposition player you have ever seen down at the Lane ?

Too many to remember

What has been the best away ground you have ever been to ?

What has been the worst away ground you have ever been to ?

What has been your funniest moment down at Notts County?
Not been too many light-hearted moments at the Lane recently but right now I'm revelling in Gabbiadini getting booked when Heffernan scored the winner against Northampton this season

Best Moment as a Notts fan ?
Tough call. The final whistle when we beat F****t 3-2 at the Lane, both playoff final wins, seeing the Gordon Mair wonder goal vs Ipswich, Not getting my head kicked in when I went to the Bolton semifinal away dressed as a big pink bear in a Notts shirt...

Worst Moment as a Notts fan ?
The last two years (or seeing Supermac break his leg vs Man Utd and ending his career).

Which player have you been most impressed with this season, if any?
Nicky Fenton - the man's been a colossus at the back for us. Hope we can hold onto him because the pairing of Ireland and Richardson scares the crap out of me!

Which player(s) would you like to see Dearden not picking on a regular basis? Liburd (totally ineffective despite his running), Brough (not up to it), Caskey (where do I start?) and Stone (out of his depth but may get better with experience).

Paul Feels Jeff Whitleys Influence On The Side Could Keep Notts In Division 2
Who looks the most exciting prospect at the Lane ?

Paul Heffernan. He's pretty much the only prospect we have though...

How do you think the season has gone, so far?
Some bright football early on but Caskey has stopped any impetus the side has built up. It's not entirely his fault but we look better without him - he can't tackle, head or run and his fabled passing ability is very disappointing.

And finally, Where do you think Notts will end up this season?
14th. If we can keep Heff in the side and keep Jeff Whitley more than a month we'll be fine. If not we'll go down.