An Interview With A True Magpie, Jamie Foster

Last updated : 06 January 2003 By Jamie Foster
The Playoff Victory Over Brighton Was One Of Jamie's Most Memorable Games

Jamie Foster


Which stand do you usually sit in ?
County Road side

Where are you from ?

How long have you been a Notts Fan ?
14 years

Why did you start to support Notts, and not the scum over the water ?
I met this lad on the local park he used to play in a Notts shirt he introduced
me to the Pies and took me to my first game. Never ever had a bit of interest
in the dark side although when i was a little kid i used to follow Liverpool as they were the best in the country but i grew out of that to follow a proper team.

Who has been the best player you have ever seen in a Notts shirt ?
Tommy Johnson

What was the first Notts game you ever went to ?
Can't really remember but I have found an old ticket from 1989 away at Northampton.

Paul Bolland Has Impressed Jamie This Season
What is the best Notts game you have ever been to ?

Plenty of good ones Playoff final v Brighton was good also last seasons last game was excellent

What is the worst Notts game you have ever been to ?
Last season v Northampton at Meadow Lane cant remember a Notts team ever playing that bad

Who have been the best opposition you have ever seen at Meadow Lane ?
Not Forest!!!! Try not to concentrate on the opposition

Who has been the best opposition player you have ever seen down at the Lane ?
Andy Legg

What has been the best away ground you have ever been to ?
Pride Park but not watching Motts. We haven't played in many top grounds recently even when I went to Old Trafford it was in 1991

What has been the worst away ground you have ever been to ?
Belle Vue - Doncaster

What has been your funniest moment down at Notts County ?
Funny at Notts!?

Best Moment as a Notts fan ?
Winning at Wembley Vs Brighton

Worst Moment as a Notts fan ?
Losing against Bristol Rovers (anytime)

Marcel Cas - "Needs To Run At People"
Which player have you been most impressed with this season, if any?

Fenton, Stallard, Bolland and Heffernan

Which player(s) would you like to see Dearden not picking for the side on a regular basis?
Mildenhall, Caskey, Holmes, Ireland and Cas (unless he will run at people and play as a winger) would like to see more youngsters who will fight for the ball and show commitment,unlike some we have now.

Who looks the most exciting prospect at the Lane ?

How do you think the season has gone, so far?
Poor, not enough good midfielders.

And finally, Where do you think Notts will end up this season?
Hopefully mid-table but if things don't improve it might be like last season