An Interview With A True Magpie, Ian Marsden

Last updated : 06 January 2003 By Ian Marsden
Ian At Reading Last Season
Ian Marsden


Which stand do you usually sit in ?
Jimmy Sirrell

Where are you from ?
Wilford in Nottingham

How long have you been a Notts Fan ?
22 years

Why did you start to support Notts, and not the scum over the water ?
My dad was a Notts fan and it was the first team i saw!!

Who has been the best player you have ever seen in a Notts shirt ?
Mark Draper, John Chiedozie, Gary McSwegan

What was the first Notts game you ever went to ?
Notts 1-1 Man City. September 1981

What is the best Notts game you have ever been to ?
Notts 2-1 F****t 12/02/1994 or, Notts 3-2 F****t 04/12/1982!!!!!

What is the worst Notts game you have ever been to ?
Any game under Colin Murphy

Who have been the best opposition you have ever seen at Meadow Lane ?
Newcastle the night they beat us 7-1 in the Coca Cola Cup in 93-94 season

Chesterfield - The Worst Ground Ian Has Been To
Who has been the best opposition player you have ever seen down at the Lane ?

Paul Gascoigne

What has been the best away ground you have ever been to ?
Old Trafford (that was with England though!!!!) with Notts it would be Villa Park

What has been the worst away ground you have ever been to ?

What has been your funniest moment down at Notts County ?
It was actually at Cheltenham the other week when at 4-1 up we were singing "are you Newquay in disguise"!!!!! (after the 15-1 victory in pre season......and i was there!!!!)

Best Moment as a Notts fan ?
Wembley victories and beating the Scum

Worst Moment as a Notts fan ?
Relegation, Colin Murphy and losing to the Scum

Which player have you been most impressed with this season, if any?
Nicky Fenton - absolutely outstanding.

Darren Caskey - Ian's Favourite Notts Player
Which player(s) would you like to see Dearden not picking for the side on a regular basis?

Michael Brough and perhaps Ian Barraclough

Who looks the most exciting prospect at the Lane ?
Paul Heffernen

Do you think Dearden is the right man for the job ?
Most definitely

What kind of players do you think notts need in order to get out of relegation ?
Jeff Whitley and Leam Richardson!!!!!!

And finally, Where do you think Notts will end up this season?
Mid table would be superb and I think its possible. need to be a bit more consistent. also a midfield of Darren Caskey and Jeff Whitley is going to be the key.