Trust provide fresh cash injection

Under the Trust’s agreement with a local business consortium, the money will be matched “pound for pound” meaning a total of £35,000 is being provided for the Club.

Importantly, this loan assists the Club but also protects the interests of fans who, through the Trust, are investors in the Club. This money is on top of the Trust’s total investment in the Magpies since being formed in April 2003 of £300,000.

This funding is vital to help address a projected shortfall in the Club’s cash flow over the coming weeks and comes following a request from the Club to the Trust for additional support.

In addition to this loan, the Trust recognises the need for additional investment in order to help see the Club through to the end of the season at which time it is projected that the financial position of the Club will be greatly improved.

With this in mind, the Trust will be distributing 25,000 tickets for the Trust’s Annual Raffle amongst every Notts supporter who attends the home game against Cheltenham next Saturday 12th November. The Trust is calling on all Notts fans to ensure these tickets are sold to provide further funds which can be used to support the Club. Every pound raised through sales of raffle tickets will be doubled under the “pound for pound” initiative.

Trust Chair Keri Usherwood said:

“This is a further, significant investment by supporters to help ensure our Club remains viable through this difficult financial period. Fans have worked tirelessly over the past few years to support their Club. In return, through the Trust, supporters now have a sizeable stake in the Club they love and a vital role to play in helping to take our Club forward.

“This money will help stabilise the Club in the short term. But more investment is needed over the coming months. There is light at the end of the tunnel as long as the Club can get through to the end of the season when things should become easier financially.

“That’s why it’s vital that all supporters continue to help where they can, especially by each Notts fan selling at least five of the raffle tickets they will receive at Saturday’s match against Cheltenham”.

Elsewhere, the club have released a statement regarding yesterday's takeover bid from former Chairman Derek Pavis. To view, click here.