Hey DJ, play that song!

Picture the scene. It's early-August and we're just days away from the hotly-anticipated kick-off of a new season. But the talking-point on the critically-acclaimed NCM messageboard is something totally unrelated to the season's big K/O.

No, the MAD boarders are instead raging as to what tune should be played from the PA system as the Notts County players emerge from the tunnel at Meadow Lane.

The Official site - backed by DJ MacLaren and MC Thordarson - had run a poll, where readers were to vote for the song they wanted to hear pre-kick off.

Let's Rock!
Debate raged deep into the night. But the overwhelming favourite amongst the Magpies' support was operatic tune O Fortuna, by Carl Orff.

Orff - if I may be so bold as to refer to him only by surname - was a late-entry, backed specifically by the NCM readers, who threatened to chain official site Editor Tom Loakes to the Meadow Lane gates until he added the song to the orginal list that was immediately laughed off by the messageboard panel off judges.

However, after vaguely-hearing the high-pitched sounds of Orff before the first home match of the season, a 1-0 win over Wrexham, the tune has since been once-again banished in-favour of the infamous 'Chimney Song' that has been the pre-match Meadow Lane for the past few years.

As bad as the Chimney Song is, even that was banished for Saturday's visit of Cheltenham in favour of.....total silence. Perhaps that explains the players' lacklustre first-half showing.

Now, on behalf of all Notts County fans, we are asking the club directly the hard-hitting question it doesn't want to hear. Why have our pleas for O Fortuna been ignored?

The song has a 100% success record and music-bopping Brian O'Callaghan described it as: "a lyrical masterpiece, an inspiration and a song I feel we can all relate to."*

Whilst the 5-game winless streak at Meadow Lane can be directly-linked to the change of song, the club are thought to be keen on brushing this latest crisis under the carpet.

However, with us on the case, this one is sure to run and run. Stay tuned, comrades.

*Note, this quote may not be true.

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