Talking Notts

Smith: Well mate, I must say I am mightily peed off at the moment. My mood on Saturday night was about as happy as a marathon runner who can't walk. I was utterly depressed, and to top it all off I had to run back through all the Imps fans after getting halfway home to pick up one of the people my
McParland... Big job ahead
mum cares for after he left his walking stick in the supporters' bar. Not happy. In fact I can't remember being ever so angry after a game. Not helped of course by the countless texts from people who live in Lincoln with us. Charlie McParland has a lot to do.

Moss: It's never nice to lose but to lose against bottom of the league in the manner Notts did is bound to leave you disappointed. But, they were always going to win and you cannot take anything away from their performance. They battled well and got their rewards. In terms of quality I thought Notts matched them but there was more will to win and passion from Lincoln. And I think that is the first place McParland must look to work on. Notts need to start digging in deeper and they will get results. He has got a squad which on the whole is Steve Thompson's so you are not going to see too much change in style - but there is no excuses for being out fought.

Smith: Well I know what you are saying, and I predicted before the game a 2-1 defeat but I disagree that they deserved a win. Yes they did seem to have a bit more fire, but on the balance of play, chances and possession it was equal. Then you get the local media down here saying just how amazing Lincoln were and how ridiculously poor Notts were. They have gone over the top a bit haven't they?

Moss: I think the best side on the day won the game. Anyway win, lose or draw Notts were not good enough. Thwere is no point dwelling - it is time to focus on the next game and a similar level of performance will end in the same result against Peterborough. So that is what the team have to focus on now.

Smith: They didn't deserve to win and I am sticking by that. Maybe they had more attempts on goal, but we had territorial possession and though we did little with it we were still attempting to attack. I agree Notts were far from good, in fact I am very angry because I see trouble ahead, particularly with
Weston... Impressive at Lincoln
three of the top five to play in December. But we have to look at the positives from Saturday. I thought Myles Weston had his best game for the club so far, do you agree?

Moss: Well I am sticking to my guns from a neutral perspective. Possession means very little when you create so few chances. Frecklington made the difference. He took the game by the horns and it paid off. Weston looked promising - sometimes lacked an end product but he is still learning. His display was impressive against a full-back, Paul Green, in excellent form. I was really impressed though by Adam Tann. He was outstanding and I am pleased for him . I know a lot of Leyton Orient fans and they all say he's a good lad - I am pleased he has come good after I last saw him have a stinker at Mansfield. And my god Notts need a strong defender at the moment. As for Notts being in trouble, I think you will steer clear soon enough. There are some tough games ahead but it is about time Notts beat some team worth beating.

Smith: It's about time Notts beat a team mate. Just four wins all season in the league... Wrexham, Accrington and Dagenham included and they are hardly League Two big guns. I'm just so disillusioned. On the bright side, FA Cup on the horizon before that and a safe passage into the third round. Got a feeling the cup could be our most fruitful thing this season, alike with the Carling Cup last season.

Moss: Well you're into the second round now so it's a great opportunity for Notts to get through to the business end, make a bit of money and give the fans something to cheer about. This is a game the Magpies should win and who knows who will be waiting for them in the third round...There should be no greater incentive for the players come Saturday.

Smith: As you rightly say it is surely going to be a Notts win. I fancy a potential banana skin for Tottenham in round three.

Moss: Haha. I wouldn't fancy going anywhere away in the third round. Away from our comfort zone of White Hart Lane it could well happen. You only have to look back two years to our trip to Grimsby that ended in defeat.

Lennon... Spurs speedster
I think you would absolutely destroy us mate. Imagine Paul Mayo trying to keep up with Aaron Lennon? Ridiculous. Anyway, that is getting too far ahead of ourselves, before that third round tie will come some important league action and to be honest, if somebody said to me that we'd lose to Havant and win the league games in December, I'd snap their hand off. I'm desperate to get to mid-table at least, for now.

Moss: Very true Spurs find themselves in a very similar boat in the league at the moment. As for Notts, I am positive things will turn around but it won't be easy. Players need to put the work in on the training ground. No-one can change Notts' perfiormance on the pitch apart from the players themselves. I think you will learn quite a lot about your squad over the next two months or so.