Talking Notts

Smith (S): "Start with the fact of four defeats on the bounce, and it's looking more like relegation form at the moment isn't it? Brought a new manager in and the board are saying 'we still want the playoffs there is still time to turn things around' but I think they need to be more realistic. We are in bit of dogfight and until we get our heads clear they can't start spouting off at fans about the playoffs because we are a long way off it."

Stags players enjoy their victory

Moss (M): "I think in terms of actual points and wins it is still well within reach but when you look at the confidence and results recently it is a long way off. But that ambition is what you want to hear after a new manager is appointed - still aiming high. As for Saturday's 2-0 defeat at Mansfield Town I thought in the first half it was pretty even and Notts played okay in the first twenty minutes. We made a couple of good chances that we should have taken but there goals rattled us.

S: "We can't keep clean sheets at the moment and defensively we are rubbish. That's eleven conceded in just four games and that's where the problem lies. At the same time we aren't scoring so we aren't getting anything right."

M: "I expected more from Notts. I backed them to win and if they got the first goal you would have won the game I think."

S: "I've saw the goals again and I must say now I don't think it was a penalty."

M: "I thought it was."

Hunt... Unfair criticism on message board?
"Beg to differ then! Now Stephen Hunt has been getting criticism on the message board especially viewed on our ratings that put him as star man, but I thought he was superb. Obviously he made the mistake for goal number two and that killed the game but I think he needs commending a bit more."

M: "I agree. He hasn't been in great form recently but in the first half he was outstanding. Adam Tann was all over the place and Hunt had to keep covering him. It was thanks to him that Notts had a clean sheet at the break and we still gave him star man even with the mistake because he was the best player which says a lot."

S: "I'm so deflated right now. You look at Mansfield and they are 92 out of 92 in the Football League and we turn up and lose 2-0. It shows how far down the club has come. Do you think the inexperienced Charlie McParland is the right man for such a difficult job?"

M: "I don't know much about him. I've heard good things and everyone else seems happy so let's just let him get on with it."

S: "Former boss Steve Thompson has made it difficult to play 4-4-2 which McParland seems to want to do. Thompson brought players seemingly only to accommodate 4-3-3 and that's silly in itself leaving no room to change tactics and now McParland's 4-4-2 has left us short on the wings."

M: "Centre-midfield gets me. We have got loads of good central midfielders but no two stand out and can play together as a two. I thought we missed Matt Somner at Field Mill. He breaks it up and gives more freedom to a Butcher, Smith or MacKenzie. But then I don't think he is good enough to play in the two."

S: "I agree regarding Somner being missed. I also think the team selection on Saturday will be interesting. McParland said after the game that he has learnt a lot about players in that ninety minutes already."

Sam... Should start against Wrexham

M: "I think Hector Sam should play. I though he came on and did well and hopefully more minutes he'll deliver and get goals."

S: "He reminds me of Tcham N'Toya though when he comes on promises so much then doesn't deliver. We were pitch side at the end of the game when players came out for the warm down and they all looked down and all seemed very disappointed which is fair enough as they've lost a derby. What do you think to their reaction? Is there a message to say 'we do care'?"

M: "I think they do and they wouldn't have joined Notts otherwise. They were arguing amongst themselves a little bit - more of a debate nothing alarming - but McParland's got to get used to the squad and I think we will see gradual improvement. I don't think we will really see Charlie's side until Christmas.

S: "Is it wrong to target nine points from the next three games?"

M: "Well we could do with it but will be hard and I don't think we will get them."

S: "I didn't think we would lose four on the trot though! I'd take seven points but think we need nine."