NCM's pick v Wrexham

In goal there appears to be only one possible candidate while Tim Sandercombe continues to train more for the future it would seem. The more experienced Kevin Pilkington couldn't be faulted at Mansfield and has had a decent season so far.

At the back Lee Canoville is in contention for a return from injury and may push for a start with the back four looking increasingly vulnerable of late. NCM would like to see Gary Silk remain at right-back as he has performed admirably there but believe Adam Tann's recent poor form warrants him being dropped - providing Canoville is fit. Stephen Hunt should start with him while Paul Mayo gets the nod at left-back over Austin McCann owing to his greater consistency so far this season.

In midfield McParland was seemingly right to bring the formation back to 4-4-2 last week, but the ensuing performance from Andy Parkinson on the right and Mayo on the left illustrated the lack of natural wingers at the club. However, it is the formation that needs to be used for the rest of the season so NCM would suggest sticking with it. Parkinson shouldn't be in the side now after another poor showing while Myles Weston must finally be ready for a start to show what talent he does have - we've yet to see it despite the hype. Stef Frost is the forgotten man but as a natural wide man isn't it time to see what he can do? In the middle Neil MacKenzie is a must alongside Matt Somner, whose tenacity was missed at Mansfield with Richard Butcher poor, or Jay Smith. If Smith is fit start him, his box-to-box approach has been missed.

Up the top goals are just so hard to come by at the moment. Hector Sam will fancy a goal against the club where he made his name and he looked good when he came on last week. Lawrie Dudfield, as talented with the ball as he is, still just can't score so maybe coming out of the firing line would be good leaving Spencer Weir-Daley to have another chance.