Hit, miss or maybe?


Kevin Pilkington - Shipped too many goals, as simple as that. Regardless

Pilkington... shipped far too many goals
of the defensive errors that have littered recent games, Pilkington has to take a share of the blame for his organisational and communication skills if nothing else. Has performed okay at times but with goals going in left right and centre, he can't be doing completely well. MISS

Tim Sandercombe - With no reserve team he has played just one match all season - the Johnstone's Paint Trophy defeat to Leyton Orient. In that he did well but it is hard to judge completely with his lack of action. His contract was extended so that could say something. MAYBE


Lee Canoville - Was part of the Boston United squad that went out of the Football League and the Torquay squad that joined them. Says a lot and he hasn't done anything to suggest he can in fact be a part of a successful side. Gets beat time and again and is miserably poor. MISS

Gary Silk - In and out of the side but largely used only as a substitute. Must be frustrating although he must take what chances he gets and he didn't perform at all well against Bury. Still young and has potential. MAYBE

Edwards... A massive loss
Rob Austin
- Youngster not deemed good enough to figure despite being the only right-back on the bench when Silk and Canoville were injured at Wycombe. Hard to judge with lack of appearances but that must say something given the current defensive performances. MISS

Mike Edwards - How last season's Supporters Player of the Year is needed. MISSED

Stephen Hunt - Last season an unbelievable rise to first team prominence and he looked a world beater. This season he has been nowhere near as good, making far too many mistakes of late and giving the ball away with ease. However surely he hasn't lost his ability, and his form will be recovered sooner or later you would imagine. MAYBE

Adam Tann - At times he can make crucial goal-line saves or last ditch tackles and look a more than capable replacement for Edwards but on others he makes foolish mistakes that cost goals and games. All nine conceded in the last three defeats may have been prevented by either Tann or Hunt but then again some of his individual contributions have stopped goals in games. Jury's out. MAYBE

Mayo... Inconsistent

Paul Mayo - Started the season brilliantly, fully deserving of his place ahead of last year's regular Austin McCann. Played with a great spirit, held his position superbly and got forward well looking a constant threat on the ball. But he then faded, and mistakes began to creep him as his confidence lowered resulting in an eventual red card at Wycombe. MAYBE

Austin McCann - Certainly hasn't sulked while out of the team and is always prepared to work hard to get his place back and was one of few to leave the pitch with any credit against Bury - his return to the starting eleven. MAYBE


Matt Somner - Had been in good form when he regained his place after the MK Dons game winning tackles and allowing Butcher and MacKenzie to attack well. He looked better than last season but then came the Bury showing and his old passing errors crept back in to get some old doubt back. MAYBE

Butcher... Goals mean he has been a hit
Neil MacKenzie
- Clearly Notts are much more of a threat when he is on the pitch and he is very effective and dangerous with the ball. Key player from dead balls and he has chipped in with three goals already. In the final third he needs to be more decisive sometimes but Notts are much better with him. HIT

Richard Butcher - Notts' leading scorer with five in twelve from midfield which is a superb return at any level. A very fit lad he gets up and down the pitch well even though his impact on the ball can be minimal. Sometimes shirks a challenge but without his goals Notts would have even less points, perish the thought. HIT

Jay Smith - His groin injury has been a major setback and although it has gone largely unnoticed on the terraces the sooner he is back the better. He adds more directness, power and movement in the middle and his tenacity and vision is needed. MISSED

Stef Frost - Came on as a substitute for a rare run-out against Morecambe but is repeatedly overlooked despite a promising emergence under Gudjon Thordarson. MAYBE

Parkinson... Flopped this season

Myles Weston - Injuries have restricted the appearances of the man many fans and Steve Thompson seem to have pinned their hopes on. Still, even with his fleeting appearances he has been unimpressive and out of the game. With so much said about his potential he must have something coming. MAYBE

Andy Parkinson - The experienced professional remains as enthusiastic as ever but that is all he has. At times he has looked ridiculously poor creating nothing and giving the ball away at will. No goals either. MISS


Jason Lee - Last season's top scorer was given the starring striking role but has yet to score despite playing most of Notts' minutes and hasn't won enough headers to support Notts' consistent long ball tactics. No goals yet either. MISS

Lawrie Dudfield - What to say? It would be hard to find a harder working striker in League Two and he clearly has talent with his quick feet, good crossing and link up play. But as a striker, where are his goals? He must start scoring otherwise all his other abilities will be forgotten. MAYBE

Crow... Could be a big disappointment to lose him
Spencer Weir-Daley
- Although he has scored just once he can feel hard done by not to have figured more prominently with Thompson preferring him as an impact substitute on the whole. Looks skilful, pacey and a real threat whenever he starts. HIT

Hector Sam - Looks good when used as a substitute and poor when a starter. Far too inconsistent but always creates something, whether he eventually misses or not. MAYBE

Danny Crow - Looked a fantastic coup in the first half of his debut, making things happen and being a bright spark throughout. Also won the penalty for Notts' equaliser although he got a bad injury in the process. What happens next is anybody's guess, but it would be a crying shame if we don't see him again. HIT

Hits: (4) Neil MacKenzie, Richard Butcher, Spencer-Weir Daley and Danny Crow

Maybe: (11) Tim Sandercombe, Paul Mayo, Gary Silk, Stephen Hunt, Adam Tann, Austin McCann, Matt Somner, Stef Frost, Myles Weston, Lawrie Dudfield, Hector Sam

Miss: (7) Kevin Pilkington, Lee Canoville, Rob Austin, Andy Parkinson, Jason Lee

Missed: (2) Mike Edwards, Jay Smith

So many 'maybe's' illustrates the potential of the squad and that must surely point to mis-management.