Ask the editors...The answers!

nottscounty_pie: Who do you most hate to work with?

Smith and Moss: There is honestly no-one we hate to work with, but there are a number of people who have made life difficult for us during our time on NCM. One being press officer Tom Loakes, as much as we understand he has a job to do this has restricted our chances to interview players. Our messageboard has more users than the OS, therefore having a player
MK Dons: Welcomed NCM into press box
interview on NCM would be widely read. And besides it would be a different style than the newsy lead ones on OS. Both sites should work together. Hopefully in the future though we can work well with the club and get some more player interviews on the site.

wackybacky: Do you have to fund your trips to watch Notts or does footymad pay your expenses?

Smith and Moss: We have never received a penny for our work on NCM, but that is not a complaint. We write for the website for both enjoyment and a boost to our journalism CV. If we can afford and viably get to an away game we will do. Obviously some clubs have been accompanying and allowed us in the press box which helps.

wackybacky: How much time per week do you put into NCM?

Smith and Moss: As you can see we attempt to average at least an article a day. It does vary however. For instance last week the site was pretty slow in the build-up to Macclesfield owing to Uni work and the scale of the game. This week however we have averaged two articles a day, and more, with us being Lincoln based and the magnitude of the match. To give a real rough estimate we'd say ten hours combined.

Pies4u: Are you gay?

Smith: No, next.

Moss: If I sway that way, I'll let you know...

pies4u: Do you have any sisters?

Smith: Yes 4!!

Moss: Yes 1, she's out of your league

pies4u: Can you start including porn on the site?

Smith and Moss: There's enough of those sites out there already - it wouldn't be good for business! You should know.

Brent... He has been to the Coventry conference
pies4u: Can you start changing soccerman's incontinence pants now and again for him?

Smith and Moss: We thought you already did!

Zidano: Have you ever been to the Coventry conference?

Moss: Yes we have, but we didn't know he talked like that.

Smith: He talks exactly like that!

Moss: I don't agree with that in the work place!

themightypies: Why are you stepping down at the end of the season?

Smith and Moss:
We are coming up to the end of our course at university and so will be seeking full-time employment in journalism. Therefore time will be limited depending on where our job is etc. Hopefully somebody will come forward to take the site from us - but we are as yet undecided exactly when we will step aside because we simply don't know where we will be in the summer. Hopefully people will come forward and continue some of the ideas we have had because as a poll earlier this season showed most agree that the site has moved on.

magpiekev: Can you ban wacky backy for being boring?

Smith and Moss: Yes we can ban anyone - we are admins - watch out...

kill_the_drum: Have you ever let a girl slip a finger up the wrong un? Did you enjoy it?

Again not my kind of thing - I'm guessing you have so don't count on me to make you feel less guilty...

Smith: No comment...

DaveSmithRules: How much support do you get from footymad?

Smith and Moss:
Not a lot to be honest but it gives us more freedom. They don't tell us what to do, we are totally left to ourselves. But, if needed, particularly technically, Les Holmes (who is involved at the top with footymad) is brilliant when needed.

DaveSmithRules: Do you upload your own articles on the website, how easy is that to do?

MacKenzie... Plays like Smith
Smith and Moss:
Yes we do and it couldn't simpler thankfully as we are hardly technology buffs. It's a case of writing into a text box, resizing and placing pictures and clicking save and online.

DaveSmithRules: When you are playing footy what are your favourite positions?

Smith: I can play anywhere really from an attacking point of view. I used to be a winger, either side, but like playing centrally to get more involved. I see myself as a Neil MacKenzie type player.

Moss: Left side, anywhere down the left. I'm more used to playing at left back but like a dabble on the wing.

DaveSmithRules: Darren Ward or Steve Cherry?

Smith: Cherry... his spell saw some fantastic success whereas Ward's didn't. Plus Ward left for Forest while Cherry will always be a Notts man as shown by his return to the club as goalkeeping coach.

DaveSmithRules: Neil Warnock or Sam Allardyce?
Warnock... Better than Big Sam

Smith: Warnock because he bropught a longer period of success, though I will remember Sam's time fondly.

DaveSmithRules: Who is the best player you have seen in your time following Notts?

Smith: Well I've been following for around 15 years now so I can say the likes of Tommy Johnson, Mark Draper and Gary McSwegan. All fantastic attacking players who could always turn a game. Johnson is my favourite though.

Moss: I've only followed for a couple of seasons now and in terms of a player who could play at a higher level I'd have to say Mike Edwards. Hopefully I will see a bit more of him soon.

DaveSmithRules: Who is the worst?

Smith: God there have been far too many stinkers to name, particularly recently. But I have to say I thought that Darryl McMahon we had on loan last season was simply astonishingly bad.

Moss: Tcham N'Toya. Couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo!

DaveSmithRules: What happens if you go on a survival course and you don't pass?

Smith and Moss: You haven't survived!

Cards... Always an NCM issue
Sidn15: Do the editors have differences of opinion over red and yellow cards?

Smith and Moss:
Occasionally although we tend to stay away too much from carding unless the complaints recieved get too bad. Usually whoever is reading the site and sees something ban worthy they do it. Smith even sin binned Moss for foul and abusive during his early days!

Sidn15: Do you ever resort to looking at contributors files?

Smith and Moss:
There's nothing really to see. If something is ban worthy that's the end of it!

speed_ie: Do you really expect people to care what you think about League or about England uncer McClaren?

Smith and Moss
: If people do they'll ask - if not no

charlespalmer: Will there ever be a boy born who can swim faster than a shark?

Smith and Moss: Brian Habana can run faster than a cheater so why not - "What am I thinking about right now?"

magpiekev: Can you tell the difference between a clementine and a satsuma?

A satsuma peels easier

jack_the_lad: Why is a wrong number ever engaged?

Smith and Moss: Because no-one else is ringing it!

youstylishmagpies: Who do like more Tiffany or Debbie Gibson?

Debbie hands down!

Moss: They're both too old for me
Tiffany and Debbie... Lovely pair

sidn15: What do you want for Christmas?

Notts County to get as many points as possible

Moss: Footy manager, Pro Evo and some new garments!

charlespalmer: Hitler was the sole cause of WW2. Discuss. (25 marks)

He got what he deserved in the end. That must be worth 25 marks.

Moss: Obviously Hitler played a massive role in the start of WW2 but really it was the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 that caused WW2. The ally forces were far too harsh on the Germans in terms of punishment for defeat in WW1 and as a result they were always destined for revenge. A number of other factors caused WW2 but Hitler's vast propoganda campaign and stern beliefs outlined in 'Mein Kampf' must not be overlooked as the key factor.

charlesplamer: Which Lord is the best? Rings? Flies? of Dance?

Never saw any of them to be honest, far too busy!

JustLikeJuve: A monkey on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time, would he eventually type the complete works of Shakespeare?

I think he'd probably die before doing so wouldn't he?

JustLikeJuve: Do you think a cap on the amount of foreigners per team in the English game is a good idea?

Without a doubt. You only have to look at the current shambles of the England squad to realise that. For all the hype our players just are not good enough and we are being hindered in bringing better players in and them getting first team cvhances because of the foreigners. We invented the game, now we need to go out there and get it back!

Moss: Not at all. I think the problem lies in grassroots football in England. We no longer teach youngsters to play the game - we teach kids to get stuck in and put a boot in. Why should Premiership clubs be forced to play half decent English players when they can buy cheap on the continent and get far more for their money. Once grassroots football is recovered then English players will be good enough to command places over - and there will be less need to buy abroad. Football clubs should have the right to do what they want with their money.

Hatton... Tough test against Mayweather
JustLikeJuve: Who is going to win, Hatton or Mayweather?

I think Hatton is brilliant and I'm willing him to win and will be watching but Mayweather may be too strong with Hatton having gone up a weight. I read that Mayweather reckons he is better than Ali too... he must be something special then!

Moss: On paper you would have to say Mayweather but you can never write off Hatton. He is such a true pro. He wouldn't fight unless he thought he had a chance. I don't think Mayweather will knock Hatton out because his preparation is far too extensive - it could go down to points.

trickypies: Have you ever met any players working for NCM?

Smith and Moss:
A few. Paul Mayo, Matt Somner, Stephen Hunt, Myles Weston, Jay Smith, Stef Frost, Junior Mendes, Charlie McParland and of course Coco. We hope to bring Gary Silk and Richard Butcher soon as well as Havant & Waterlooville player! We have met the majority of the Lincoln City squad as well due to university work.

upthenotts: Which player would you most like to probe?

Haha funny man!

Smith and Moss: Together we would most like to INTERVIEW Steve McClaren at the moment but it will be someone different tomorrow!

magpiekev: Who would win in a fight between a lion and a crocodile?

Lion. He'd pounce on the alligator, rip its eyes out and scratch it to death before eating it because apparently it tastes nice!

Moss: The crocodile - all he has to do is force the Lion into water and there's no contest.

Smith (left) and Moss
dan151: Who is harder out of drapes and gal_yids?

Me I'm from the South!

Smith: Moss wouldn't hurt a fly! He's too nice. Try me... I'm a terror when I get going!

dan151: Who is fitter Mrs Drapes or Mrs gal_yids?

We're not married!

Moss: Don't think they've been to the gym in a while.

dan151: Do any of you mrs' take it up the wrong un?

No! You watch too much TV!

Smith: I don't think it's wrong... not with a girl!

Zidano: Will FC Banter overcome the mighty Flat Five?

Smith and Moss:
Have a word with yourself. The title will be ours by then anyway.

Zidano: Who is the better footballer. Mossy or Smiffy?

Smiffy - he's played at a higher level and is techincally far better - I'm a pub player through and through.

Smith: Defensively Moss is much better, and a far better shooter! But going forward I am.

Soccerman166: Have you ever attacked anyone with a pointed stick or a banana?

Smith and Moss:
We aren't sure what damage they'd do! It can be arranged though!

Deutschepie: Tip for the Champions League?
Man Utd... Tipped for a double by Smith

Manchester United. What a fantastic side. They are grooming themselves for Euro glory this year and the English players will be that more eager following last Wednesday.

Moss: AC Milan. They'll upset our English sides again.

Deutschepie: Tip for the Premiership?

Manchester United. Can't see any Prem side managing to beat them this season.

Moss: Chelsea. Playing great at the moment and they have more swagger about them now. Once United get to the final stages of the Champions League, the Blues will pounce. Match winners all over the Park.

Deutschepie: Who will win the Bundesliga?

Smith: Not to sound as if we know nothing and just going for the easy option but Bayern's squad is differewnt class. Has to be them, particularly after last season!

Moss: Bayern. After the failure of missing out of the Champions League last season they will be desperate to recapture the title. The Uefa Cup is hardly a distraction to sucgh a quality team.

Flanagan (right)... You would!
Deutschepie: Helen Flanagan (Rosie Webster) would you?

If I had a chance, yes!

Smith: Too right - I'm already a member of her fan club on Facebook!

Deutschepie: Favourite beer?


Moss: That's not a beer! Stella on match days, but if I'm in for a heavy night, a Fosters will do!

Deutschepie: If you could sign any player from our League Two rivals, who would it be?

We need a goalscorer. Jack Lester should have been signed in the summer, and now look at him. He'd improve us no end.

Moss: Georgie Boyd. What a player! Can play up front or in midfield and won't be in League Two for too much longer.
Thompson... Not a fan of Smith

ISawLawtonsHeader: Who would you least like to spend a night in a cell with out of these circumstances: 1) Howard Kendall after five Sambucas, six pints and a row with Derek Pavis. 2) Steve Thompson after catching referee Danny McDermot in bed with his spouse?

Probably Thompson because he is likely to kick me in whether he is in the best mood or the worse!

Moss: Kendall... I probably would have drunk more than him anyway!

Thanks for all your questions, it has been a lively and enjoyable session. There will be another coming your way after Christmas.