Match ratings v Wycombe... Including Jason Lee...5

Kevin Pilkington. Earned praise from Steve Thompson for his form in midweek but the facts don't lie. Only two clean sheets in eleven appearances this season, including shipping three goals in one game on three occasions says he isn't performing as he should. Today he made one or two decent stops but was easily beaten too and is clearly not inspiring confidence of those in front of him. 6

Pilkington... Conceding too many despite good saves

Lee Canoville. Some would say he was lucky to start given his bad form, but with likely replacement Gary Silk injured he got a reprieve, only to get injured himself half an hour in. That in itself was a reprieve as before then Sergio Torres had given him the complete run around. 5

Adam Tann. Won NCM's Player of the month award for September but won't be a candidate this time around if he and the rest of his defence continue to position themselves so poorly. Played too far up the pitch and was caught out at bad times, finding it difficult against the imposing Sutton and McGleish. Caused a bit of panic in the other half though from set-pieces. 5

Stephen Hunt. This lad is an obvious talent who could go far in the game but he cannot get any individual praise while the defence continues to ship goals as comprehensively as they are doing. Both McGleish and Bloomfield had far too much room around the box for their goals, and Hunt needs to be more commanding. Was it only a week ago Notts brilliantly kept Chesterfield at bay? 5

Paul Mayo. His set-piece delivery was very poor in the first half and then his dismissal effectively cost Notts the game. Why he dived in so rashly is beyond belief and belies his experience. Has started to look poor recently and the suspension might do him good. It was always difficult for Notts when he departed. 4

Richard Butcher. Continues to tick along his impressive goal tally now making it five in ten. That is a great average the Magpies strikers can only dream about and his ability to get up and down the pitch is very welcoming. He worked hard too but didn't do enough defensively as Notts were under pressure. 6

MacKenzie... Best efforts
Matt Somner.
After performing solidly, minus a rash booking in the first half in the holding role, Somner was asked to move to right-back following Mayo's dismissal and the consequent positional changes and he performed admirably there sticking to his task well and trying his best to help Notts on. 6

Neil MacKenzie. STAR MAN Was always a threat for the Magpies and always wanted the ball and tried his damndest to make things happen. His crossing was dangerous and he consistently drove on and had attempts on goal. Created some of Notts' best openings and as with Tuesday is unlucky to be on the losing side. However, his final delivery wasn't always tip top and the consistency needs to get that bit better. 8

Hector Sam. Spent more time on the floor in the first half than he did making things happen as he was meant to. Didn't repeat his performance from the bench on Tuesday but did create Butcher's goal with a composed bit of play that had the visiting fans in raptures. Looks better as a substitute at the moment and needs to up his game. 6

Jason Lee. Looks to have been badly found out this year. With him in the team Notts are sadly one dimensional and the opponents can play that route one game away with ease. He doesn't even get booked any more highlighting how much he has been sussed out. Didn't lead the line at all well and didn't look like scoring. 5

Lawrie Dudfield. Looked very promising in the free role from midfield when Notts were down to ten men. It is so frustrating that he cannot score, but again the chances aren't necessarily falling for him. Did his best once again to foster openings ans looked a threat on the ball. Continues to be best outlet up front but still not in those all important goals. 7


Austin McCann (for Canoville, 28). A natural left-footer, the Scotsman

McCann... Chance to get first team place back
was asked to play at right-back for twenty minutes until Mayo's red card saw him back in his natural position. Clearly more at ease there as he had been given the run around by Torres but he did perform okay against the equally dangerous Bullock, faring better than Mayo at least. 6

Spencer Weir-Daley (for Sam, 70). Should start after Rotherham performance. Yes he was indifferent the game after but he is clearly the most potent striker and at least has the pace to trouble. Twenty minutes here and there won't help at all and he barely had a sniff. 6

Andy Parkinson (for Lee, 80). Little chance with the game lost. N/a