Match ratings v Stockport County... Including Guy Branston... 2

Last updated : 05 January 2008 By Paul Smith
Kevin Pilkington. Kept Notts in with a shout following the concession of the eventual winner with two or three comfortable stops. Wasn't overworked, and had nothing to do after the break. Could maybe have claimed the cross for their winner however. 6

Adam Tann.
At right back for the first time since he returned to Meadow Lane. Said to be his most comfortable position, Tann struggled positionally at first and has had better days. Had a bust up with Guy Branston and no wonder he did better without him after the break. Two or three very good tackles make his mark respectable. 6

Krystian Pearce.
Struggled in the first half and as a youngster is liable to the odd lapse. Didn't look like he enjoyed playing alongside Branston, and was more comfortable after the break where he worked very hard, won his balls and tried to get things going. 7

Guy Branston.
Must be the single worst debut from a Notts player ever and to be frank he shouldn't pull on a Notts shirt again. It will be a major surprise
Hunt... Superb display
if he gets more than a month here. Truly abysmal. At fault for the first goal and hardly won a thing. Hauled off at the break - probably before he was sent off too. Spent all of his game arguing with team-mates when he was the problem. Won one good tackle. 2

Stephen Hunt. STAR MAN. Thank god for Hunt who is having a fantastic return to form of late having started the season short of his best. He has been superb at left back, and did excellently there in the first half. Even better when moved to centre back in the second half where he got to grips with both Elding and Dickinson who had caused so many problems for Notts before the break. Won his headers, and every tackle and even got on the scoresheet after losing his marker. Little wonder Sheffield United are sniffing around. The scouts will keep coming if he keeps this up. 9

Andy Parkinson.
Had several oppurtunities to make things happen in the final third, but made nothing of them. Had many chances to beat what looked a weak left back in Michael Rose but didn't. Two or three decent crosses hinted at promise, but his overall play is not befitting a player good enough to help Notts out of their plight. Time to move aside. 5

Richard Butcher.
Substituted at half-time after his illness throughout the week got the better of him. Knowing now that he wasn't feeling hiself it is clear to see as Butcher looked jaded and failed to impact the game. However, that he declared himself fit shows he has the stomach for the battle. 5

Neil MacKenzie.
Looked for the ball which is more than can be said of most of his team mates, but his usual composure was lacking. Didn't produce the right passes, and had team mates who weren't on the same wavelength. One glorious free-kick hit the bar, and his corner created Hunt's goal. He is clearly Notts' most gifted player, and shouldn't be criticised for a few bad passes as he clearly tried his best. 7

Felix Bastians.
Promising debut from the Forest youngster who wasn't given the ball enough. Held a good position out wide, and won the corner for Notts'
Sam... Not good enough
goal with a good run. His delivery should have been met with better forward play, and one rasping shot hit the post. Looks like he has potential - the only hope is Notts let him realise it. 7

Lawrie Dudfield.
Poor. Fairly anonymous and his work rate wasn't as high as it has been. His recent performances have been good and only lacking a goal, this time everything was lacking to creep more doubts into minds of the fans who disregard him. 4

Hector Sam.
To his credit his hold-up play is fairly good. His first touch was impressive, but his second, third and fourth not so. How he didn't play in Dudfield when free in the second half, and proceed to dive was beyond belief and his shooting lacks any power. Another not up to it. 4


Austin McCann (for Branston, 45).
Found the pace of Dickinson too hot to handle and chopped him down a couple of times. Didn't get forward when he had the space to do so. 5

Gary Silk (for Butcher, 45).
One instant towards the end of the game summed him up: He dallied on the ball, lost possession and didn't bother to chase back. 4

Spencer Weir-Daley (for Sam, 80).
A couple of promising moments, but his shooting didn't register on Conrad Logan. 6