Match ratings v Lincoln... Including Stephen Hunt... 5

Kevin Pilkington. One of his poorest showings of the season. Should have stopped City's winner - a goalkeeper getting beat at his near post is a crime -
Tann... Man of the match for second week running
and may have done better with the opener if positioned properly. Struggled to organise his backline too, and his kicking - though not helped by the wind - was shoddy. 5 (out of 10)

Lee Canoville. There was one occassion midway through the second half where Canoville was favourite for a loose ball in the middle with Lee Frecklington, but easily lost out in the tackle. Hardly emplyed against a poor Owain Warlow, but that summed up his afternoon. 5

Adam Tann. STAR MAN. Tann was outstanding and not at fault for either goal which came down the left side, not his right. He won everything in the air, made some thunderous challenges and led by example. After an indifferent start to the season he is starting to look like the replacement for Mike Edwards that was needed. Long balls weren't great though and he could have been sent off after a poor challenege towards the end. 8

Stephen Hunt. NCM championed his return to the team, but on the evidence of his display at the Bank it is a wonder why. Far from his best and he could have helped do better to stop both goals. He does, without doubt, have a big future ahead of him but he he needs to get his form back. His passing was hopeless. 5

Paul Mayo.
Unfairly criticised after this display, Mayo was solid but not spectacular by any means. An average performance but he stuck to his task and was always keen to get stuck in. Caught out a touch for their winner however, but made a couple of decent blocks in dangerous situations. 6

Richard Butcher. Now he is sytarting to look like a central midfielder playing on the right. The sooner he moves back inside the better, but he is a quality player and so it will be hard to leave him out given that competitions are so hard in the centre at the moment. Worked hard but made little impact. 6

Neil MacKenzie.
Looked a real threat and a class above everytime he touched the ball. Trouble was he didn't see enough of it. Had he held
Weston... Best Notts showing so far
possession more, it could have been he and not Frecklington whos tole the headlines. Great to see him back. Clearly frustrated at his team-mates, he could be heard losing his rag at both Canoville and Pilkington. 7

Gary Silk
. Fantastic goal from the youngster. Still doesn't hold in the midfield as such, but looks better bombing about and thundering into challenges. Full marks for his effort, though he allowed Frecklington too much space, too often when it should be he who closes him down. Still a bit to learn in there, but much improved. 7

Myles Weston.
Very dangerous. Lively through out, NCM hope Weston improves his final ball quickly because when running at defenders he looks fantastic. The solid Paul Green had his hands full all day, but Weston's decision making lacked a touch at times. Some tremendous skills. 7

Lawrie Dudfield.
Will be extremely lucky to keep his place after this showing. Had worked his way into some good form but did nothing on Saturday. Abysmal sums it up for a player who can show so much ability but didn't on Saturday. Hardly touched th eball, and when did he did little with it. 4

Hector Sam.
Surprise starter, but deserved after some energetic substitute showings of late. Played well and looked strong at the top. Good first touch, and held the ball up well but his shooting lacked real punch. Unlucky to be withdrawn. 7


Spencer Weir-Daley (for Sam, 80). Touched the ball once. n/a