McParland watch


2:15pm: McParland springs his first surprise by keeping the press box waiting for the team news - fifteen minutes after Billy Dearden revealed Mansfield's team.

2:35pm: Sent player/coach Jason Lee out to aid the players with their warm-up.

2:55pm: McParland sends his team out for the massive local derby clash to a rapturous reception - "Charlie, Charlie, give us a wave!" (He naturally responded.)

3pm: McParland's Notts County reigns begins after instigating a new found huddle.

McParland looks up to the Notts support before kickoff

3:07pm: McParland actively shouting on his touchline, bellowing instructions to his new players.

3:17pm: McParland races out of his technical area for the first time remonstrating with Weir-Daley about the strikers positioning - McParland is clearly fired up for this.

3:27pm: After a Parkinson cross evades everyone in the box McParland can be seen pacing his dugout, arms crossed looking frustrated.

3:32pm: Constantly talking to bench, McParland looks agitated as Notts fail to take control.

3:35pm: Just as he is ready to sit down in dugout Butcher cleverly finds Parkinson whose cross is deflected onto top netting leaving McParland with his head in his hands.

3:40pm: Initially held back by the linesman for trying to enter the field, McParland calls host of players over as a break in play ensues, talking particularly to Parkinson.

3:45pm: As McParland leaves the pitch with Lee he is clearly going to have something to say to his new players as he constantly talks to Lee from the dugout to the tunnel!

4:06pm: McParland emerges from the tunnel a minute late with Tann having already conceded a free-kick which McParland looks puzzled about.

4:16pm: McParland gets Weston on straight after seeing the first goal of his reign shipped from the penalty spot… no show of anger at McCann or the referee at the moment.

4:21pm: McParland is in despair, throwing his arms in the air as Boulding gets his second following a Hunt error.

McParland stands bemused by it all at his dugout
McParland tells strikers Dudfield and Weir-Daley to stay right up as both start walking back to defend a Mansfield throw.

4:35pm: For the first time in the game McParland takes a seat in his dugout. Resigned to defeat with thirteen minutes left on the clock?

4:37pm: Not seated for long, McParland is on the edge of his technical area chatting with Lee over what to do next.

4:41pm: McCann is replaced by Sam in a last desperate attempt.

4:52pm: McParland is aghast at the inept touch showed by Mayo.

4:54pm: As the referee brings an end to another demoralising defeat McParland trudges straight off the pitch alone, clearly with work to do.

Team selection

McParland reverted back to the 4-4-2 formation Notts fans have preyed for since Thompson's bold 4-3-3 system started to fail.

Putting Paul Mayo onto the left of midfield wasn't a great idea with him obviously more comfortable at left-back with Andy Parkinson - a natural winger - also restored.

Matt Somner and Danny Crow were the two dropping out for the changes - Crow because of injury.

The change in formation was bold and hinted at a more traditional solid approach where the players would know more about their roles.

With no Somner in the middle, both Butcher and MacKenzie - two attacking midfielders - didn't look too effective together, MacKenzie too deep and Butcher leaving him isolated aswell.

His substitutions weren't utilised well with the introduction as Weston on the right a mistake considering he is clearly only left footed while Sam was sent on far too late.

6/10 - Played a couple of players out of position but the change of formation was a good move for the future. Maybe needed a Somner in there to break things up.


Notts came out like a house on fire which says something about his team talk in the way of motivation.

To be fair the players shouldn't need any motivation for a local derby, particularly with a new manager to impress, but after a good start a lot went missing and clearly they weren't motivated enough.

5/10 - Though what more he could have done I don't know.


McParland looks to be a suit man which smacks authority, although time will tell as to if he will start to relax more and wear tracksuits!

As for Notts' style it was hard to see much, particularly as with just one training session in the bag it would be hard to stamp his authority on the team just yet.

Obviously likes to play with wingers judging on the width of the team and two or three passing moments illustrated his willingness to get the ball down.



Notts started very well playing attacking football, using the width and hitting the channels to good effect.

McParland seemed to order plenty of crosses into the box from wide and wanted his players to get forward at every opportunity.

With no holding midfielder however he rather left his back four exposed.



A defeat but not too much McParland could have done with so little time.

He made two or three notable changes significantly including the change to 4-4-2 which obviously helped the side and improved things from a wide and attacking point of view.