Oppositions View - Wrexham

How do you assess your sides recent form?

Poor. I don't think there's any other way to describe it, especially at home. We've only score three goals at home in six games which hasn't gone down very well. Despite one or two reasonable victories, including a great result at Accrington - we couldn't follow that up and 2-0 up at Macclesfield we ended up losing 3-2. That seems to have knocked confidence quite considerably.

And that's on the back of last seasons exploits. The fans are starting to get a little bit inpatient and you can understand exactly why.

Last season it all went terribly wrong towards Christmas and before we knew
Carey...could lose his job
it we were down there for the whole season.

Brian Carey came in and slowly turned things around up to the last day against Boston.

We don't want to be back in that position again.

There's a possibility Brian could lose his job when you look at other sides in this division.

I'm not saying he will. I like Brian, I support Brian - I like what he's doing, I like the squad we've got but for some reason they don't seem to be coming together.

We've got a big squad - you do wonder why it is not coming together.

But results are what counts, and some of our defeats haven't even been close defeats, they've just been poor performances as well.

Who is your danger man?

Mark Williams if he's fit again - young striker, he's scored a few goals and can look quite dangerous.
Llewellyn...Dangerous from wide

Who else should we look out for?

Outisde of him, we've got Chris Llewellyn who comes in off the wing and Michael Proctor the former Sunderland player.

There's danger there, but we just need to start producing the goals.

Who do you think will be Notts' danger?

I've got to admit that because of our problems at the moment I've been so blinkered. I haven't noticed really noticed where anyone else is in the league. I've noticed that results haven't been great at Meadow Lane and the change of management. We've got a few people here connected with Burnley, so the new assisstant manager they know very well.

Sam...former Wrexham man
Hector Sam is a very liked character at Wrexham. He was one of three Trinadadians who joined us. Always smiles, doesn't say a lot.

He scored against us last season for Walsall and he gained a lot of respect because he didn't celebrate his goal. He done his job. He'll get a good reception. It's always ashame when past players don't.

What do you make of the appointment of Charlie McParland?

I think Notts were probably in a position like ourselves where you can't let things slide for too long. Notts County have made the decision to change things now and it will be interesting to see how it affects things. As a supporter looking in, you think this is going to be the honeymoon period, so we're thinking: "Great - will they lift themselves for a couple of games?"

Where do you think you will finish this season?

Mid-table mediocrity would be fantastic. After coming out of administration, we have had to worry about the football side of things ever since. Notts County know only too well about that.

If we can get to mid-table I think everyone would be delighted. What we don't want to be is looking over our shoulder.
Proctor...injury worry

Where do you think Notts will finish?

With us doing so badly I've been trying to avoid the newspapers and even the TV. I find it hard to believe that clubs like Notts County with great support for this division would be down there struggling. But, it's about eleven players and what they do on a Saturday afternoon. That's what makes it such a great game.

But, I'll be surprised if they're struggling come May.

What team news are you aware of?

It will be interesting to be honest. There were a few changes last weekend and they didn't really help us. I would expect one or two new players to feature and then injuries could have an effect. Michael Proctor and Danny Williams are having a few problems. So, we'll have to see.

What sort of encounter are you expecting?

I can't see us being over adventurous. We haven't had a draw this season but it'll be a tight game. But, Notts need the win with them struggling.


Probably 0-0, but if there's a winner 1-0 either way. I'd like to think to Wrexham.