Oppositions View - Stockport County

Last updated : 03 January 2008 By Gary Moss
How do you assess your sides recent form?

We've been doing o.k in recent weeks. We've picked up 13 points from a
possible 18 in recent weeks and are moving up the table. Jim Gannon is starting to get it together after a slow start. We have mixed it up tactically this season but now that we are playing the ball on the floor and not playing people out of position things are improving.

What do you think was going wrong earlier in the season?

The tactics were all wrong in all honesty. Serious injury problems certainly didn't help but Gannon was not picking a settled side and it was costing us.

Who is your danger man?

Anthony Pilkington. He is a very quick player who can cause a lot of problems. He has just r
Dickinson...A real handful
eturned from injury and it's not after time. He should play against Notts and I think all fans will be gald of that.

Who else should we look out for?

Well we've got three strikers all scoring goals so any of them. Liam Dickinson is a handful for anyone. Anthony Elding is real grafter but is a great finisher as well. Then there's Adam Proudlock who is probably the most skillfull of the three. He has that little bit of class for us.

What are your aims for the rest of the season? Where do you think you will finish?

We have to be pushing for the play-off's at the very least I would say. We are targeting promotion and I think we have the squad to do so if we can get our players fit. I think we will get our act together and finish third this season. We put together a run of nine straight wins towards the end of last season and I am confident we have got that in us again.

What is the first thing you think of when you think of Notts County?

Well back in 1967 we claimed a draw at Notts to help us to promotion to the third division so that is probably my fondest memory of Notts County.

What have you made of Notts' season so far?

Well we haven't played yet this season but Notts are really struggling at the moment. We don't usually get anything from Meadow Lane but I am hopeful this time around.

Who do you see as Notts' danger?

If Jason Lee is still playing it has to be him. He is a tough opponent. Physical and good in the air.

What sort of encounter are you expecting?

We'll try and get the ball down and play that's for sure. I'm not sure what Notts tend to do but that will be our game plan as much as possible.


2-1 to County. And there's only one County!!!!