Oppositions View : QPR

Last updated : 24 December 2003 By Richard Brown w/ Mark O'Haire

Name: Mark O’Haire

Age: 17
Website: www.qpr-mad.co.uk

Loftus Road
How long have you been supporting the R’s?

Since I was born.

The burden of expectation on the shoulders of QPR seems to be a constant, but how far do you feel the club have gone to meeting these expectations?

In the last 2 years especially, Rangers have regrouped under Ian Holloway and looked to certain goals (in this case, promotion) and the club have worked together to achieve these goals. The fans to set high expectations which are only sensible – we were in the in the Premiership only 8 years ago. But certainly Ian Holloway has set the club its target of promotion which is the first goal towards the recovery.

It’s quite a squad set-up you have at
Loftus Road, but how long do you think it will be before the vultures of the higher leagues begin to circle?

Well already we have heard of constant rumours of Premiership and Division One clubs looking at our players and our chief executive publicly announced last week the situation regarding our money problems. Not the best idea as top class are now being looked out more closely as they maybe available on the cheap but hopefully Ian Holloway will resist the offers in order to get us up this year.

Ian Holloway
'Cannot be faulted'
Tell us a little about the players currently on the books at Loftus Road.

This season we have a small squad but throughout we have got quality. There is no real weak link. The quality of player we have is definitely good enough for the First Division; we just need the consistency to get up there. Players such as Martin Rowlands, Mark Bircham, Kevin Gallen, Danny Shittu, Clarke Carlisle, Chris Day, Gino Padula, Tony Thorpe, Gareth Ainsworth and Paul Furlong are all top players.

What do you make of Ian Holloway’s somewhat unique interview technique?

(Laughs) It is always a chance for some laughter after the game, win or lose. He does have a serious message within it but sometimes it’s hard to find but I’m not going to fault him after the job he has done and hopefully will continue to do.

What is the current situation regarding Rangers’ recent admission on money problems?

Apparently we are struggling so much that we have to sell off our best players on the cheap to raise small funds in order to pay off a £10million loan. Holloway has already said he is not happy about this and will fight to keep his players but at the end of the day, money dictates football clubs and we have to keep our fingers crossed that our players will stay put.

Score prediction… 2-0 Rangers.

Where will you finish come May 2004? 1ST!